Amy Dagger spends Christmas alone as his cousin Josh suffers from heat and chills at the Battle of Covid just weeks after his imprisonment.

Amy Dagger invited her to send a message to those who are struggling before Christmas asking for help as she spent her vacation alone to fight Covid.

She was ill for days and developed more and more symptoms over time.


Amy Dagger shared updates on her Covid battles and moreCredits: Instagram @amyrachelleking


She couldn’t spend Christmas with her family because she fought to get betterCredits: Social Media-See Source

Amy posted an Instagram story and wrote: Christmas… DM me!

“I would like to share with you some words of encouragement.”

A few hours later, she appeared on the camera and opened up to fans about how she felt in the fight against the virus and the people she was involved with.

Amy revealed:

“I have a fever now. I didn’t have a fever before. It’s fun and exciting. I’m dressed because it’s cold. It’s new.

“But I wanted to say that I was contacted by a lot of people. There are literally a lot of people. I helped people who have anorexia nervosa and have a hard time loving themselves. I have a problem with alcoholism and I have a problem. Helped a really depressed woman, like a complete failure.

“I talked to some women who have marriage problems like marriage problems, and I just poured my life into these women. Literally contacted me, lost a loved one. We are looking for boundaries with those who are or are estranged from their families or who are mentally or physically abused.

“You literally never know who is following you or what their story is. Thank you God for using me to help someone. That’s for me. It’s important. “

Amy vowed to receive as many messages as possible and took the time to enjoy the soup and take the long-awaited rest.

Duggar’s cousin has spoken frankly for a long time, but it’s been even higher since Josh Duggar was arrested.

“Characteristics of antisocial personality”

Amy recently shared A mysterious quote featuring “characteristics of sociopaths” After the verdict goes down.

She hasn’t suppressed in the last few years.

Amy shared the tweet: “Lack of remorse, guilt or empathy, constant deception, inability to form emotional attachments, superficial charm, dishonesty, manipulative, reckless behavior.”

Tweet by Josh Convicted of possession The number of child pornography on December 9th and fans immediately thought it was about him.

The fan replied to the message: “Hmm … who does it sound like now?”

Another chime said, “It suits so many people.”

Others simply give it a name and write “= Josh Duggar”, “Definitely Josh”.

At the beginning of that same week, Amy shared Another mysterious tweet..

The quote she shared read, “My comfort comes from knowing that God is in control, even in chaos.”

Amy did not include additional context, but spoke several times during the trial.

She also spoke after the trial when news was reported that Jana Dagger was found guilty of endangering her child.

Amy aims at Jim Bob and Michelle,Hem for “utilizing” Of the eldest daughter.

She expressed her long anger on Twitter, writing:

“OLs make me clear. I’m not talking about loving good parents who work and support their families.

“I support it! Of course! I’m talking about people who rely on their aunts, friends, or people who use them, just because they can.”

In another tweet, she continues: “Even your child, even your older child, should not be your built-in babysitter.

“It’s great to help once in a while, but if you have so many children, they’re responsible.”

Amy didn’t mention the name, but many fans thought the post was related to the accusation against her.

The unmarried Dagger daughter spends a lot of time caring for her younger siblings.

Accusation against her I came as a surprise to the fans..

Amy’s Shade towards Jim Bob But Michelle didn’t.

she Dig him And his political desire before her rant about Jana.

Amy partially wrote that when she promoted a state senator, she “actually represents the values ​​of her family.”

The Daggers do not reply directly to Amy’s posts.


Her post came shortly after Josh Duggar’s arrestCredit: Rex


Amy has been speaking out to her family for some timeCredit: Instagram


She doesn’t hesitate, and while they say nothing, she claims they aren’t happyCredit: TikTok
Amy Dagger celebrates Christmas alone, suffering from heat and chills at the Battle of Covid, just weeks after his cousin Josh was imprisoned.

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Amy Dagger spends Christmas alone as his cousin Josh suffers from heat and chills at the Battle of Covid just weeks after his imprisonment.

Source link Amy Dagger spends Christmas alone as his cousin Josh suffers from heat and chills at the Battle of Covid just weeks after his imprisonment.

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