Amy Childs won an award for her BBC documentary on cosmetic surgery “addiction”

The only way is Essex Star Amy Childs Winner of her BBC documentary on her “addiction” to cosmetic surgery.

31 years old, The person who recently introduced her new man Billy Del Bossk to her companions when they discussed their wedding plansThanks to everyone who voted for the BBC Three documentary. At I’veBeenThere, she talked to teenage fans about her regrets about cosmetic surgery.

Amy, a two-mother who shares her daughter Polly (4 years old) with former builder Bradley Leigh, and her son Ritchie Jr., who she shares with businessman Ritchie, are the “best school-aged” of Royal Television. Received an award in the “Children’s Program” category. Social award.

The only way is Essex star Amy Childs won an award in her BBC documentary

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Amy shared this announcement with 754,000 Instagram fans and wrote: When I was young, I just wondered why I woke up one day.

“Why I want a particular view, I got addicted! But for years I was very happy and for years I didn’t have lips and fillers.

Amy thanked everyone who voted for the BBC Three documentary

“Yes, last night everyone I was there won the award @royaltelevisionsociety I’m sorry I couldn’t be there, but today I’m celebrating the award. Everyone who voted.”

Amy first went under the knife at the age of 18 when she had breast augmentation surgery.

Amy Childs is dating First Date Star Billy
Amy recently introduced a new man, Billy Delbosk, to a companion when discussing wedding plans.

Amy told Amon Holmes and Ruth Langsford this morning last year, “I regret it because I thought I was addicted and looked good.

“I looked in the mirror, and that was only when my mother and dad told me,’You look like Freak Amy.’ [that it clicked] And I cried. “

Amy also revealed that she had dreamed of undergoing plastic surgery since she was 12 years old. .. ”

Former celebrity Big Brother contestants underwent a second breast augmentation surgery at the age of 23 and were hospitalized two weeks after the implant left the body.

“If Polly came to me at the age of 17 and asked for breast augmentation surgery, I would cry,” she told Eamon and Ruth.

In her BBC documentary, Amy tells how her breast strengthening finally in a week’s hospitalization after her body rejected one of her implants and caused her intolerable pain. I opened about whether it was over.

Amy Childs won an award for her BBC documentary on cosmetic surgery "addiction"

Source link Amy Childs won an award for her BBC documentary on cosmetic surgery "addiction"

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