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Ambulance provided for people fleeing Ukraine and entering the UK with their pets

  • Animal and Plant Health Agency Provides Prompt Approval to Accelerate Emergency Licensing
  • The government covers the costs of quarantining the pets of those who have fled Ukraine
  • New blood test to detect rabies vaccines will reduce the time it takes to quarantine pets

The government has just been created ambulance for those fleeing Ukraine with their pets. Using an emergency license, people fleeing Ukraine can bring their pets to the UK at all quarantine costs paid by the government.

The Animal and Plant Health Agency provides prompt license approvals and quarantine measures to avoid additional burdens or delays. The government will also cover the cost of their vaccinations, microchips and quarantine, realizing that many individuals from Ukraine will not be able to make the full health care they need for their pet once they arrive.

The maximum quarantine of a pet that has not been vaccinated against rabies is four months. Pets will be considered on a case-by-case basis with reduced quarantine for vaccinated.

The government is introducing a new rabies blood test that could detect existing rabies vaccines. This will help in cases where refugees have traveled without vaccination documents.

The results can be reversed for at least 2 days in some animals and then transferred to isolation if they are found to have rabies antibodies. This will help maintain our strict biosecurity measures և enable people to reunite with their pets more quickly, if possible.

We work with veterinary quarantine establishments to ensure that Ukrainians’ arrival in the UK is not delayed by the process of reaching arrangements for their pets.

Animal Welfare Minister Lord Goldsmith said:

People who have to flee Ukraine are in a terrible condition. I am glad that Ukrainian refugees will be able to bring their pets to the UK at any cost quarantined by the government.

As part of our newly simplified process, any animal that has already received some treatment can be reduced to a quarantine facility and returned to their owner as soon as possible.

Prior to arrival, people leaving Ukraine or their carrier should contact the Animal and Plant Health Agency at pettravel@apha.gov.uk or call +44 3000 200 301 Option 2. They will then be able to get their emergency license approved, arrange for any necessary quarantine needed to complete the rabies risk management process.

There are a limited number of quarantine facilities in the UK և We will give priority to those who have fled Ukraine and want to bring their pets with them.

Director General of Veterinary Medicine recently urged to resettle charities check online guide ել Ensure rescuers have the necessary vaccination records after recent border inspections by the APHA found that a consignment of 19 animals imported by a rescue charity had traveled illegally with fake rabies documents.

We have concerns about the movement of animals through or between Ukraine և neighboring countries հետ and the health risks. The movement of large numbers of rescue animals, which enter the UK from countries at high risk of rabies, without proper health care, poses a serious threat to biosafety և public health. There have also been a number of serious cases of non-compliant imports, including in the context of counterfeit paperwork.

To ensure that we continue to give priority to those fleeing Ukraine with their own pets, all commercial imports of dogs, cats and ferries from Ukraine, Belarus, Poland and Romania have been temporarily suspended for one month.

Ambulance provided for people fleeing Ukraine and entering the UK with their pets

SourceAmbulance provided for people fleeing Ukraine and entering the UK with their pets

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