Amber Day beads get a tattoo tribute for their boyfriend after rekindling romance again

Reality TV and musical stars Amber day beads In honor of my on-off boyfriend Nick Kiriak, I got the ink for myself.

Love Island Star, 25, celebrated her third reunion with her beauty with her first tattoo on her finger.

The actress posted a tattoo by artist Alex Lloyd and also told her followers about the meaning of all her new art in the Instagram story.

Amber also showed fans the number 47 she had inked on the back of her arm. In her Instagram Stories, the stage show star explains:

Amber Davis pays homage to her boyfriend after rekindling their romance

Amber tattooed her on-off boyfriend Nick Kyriacou acronym

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The star is currently appearing as Jackson at the Bring It On show at Southbank Center in London. In her story, she added sweetly: “And my tide (grandfather) died at home number 47.”

Amber and her operations manager partner Nick have been together for over a year. But the couple split in early 2021, When moving together during the blockade, it became too much.

One source once said, “Things got so fast that the blockade amplified everything. But when they were apart, they realized how much they love each other. Now they do it. Is slowing down. “

“Amber keeps Nick away from social media, but it’s not a secret to their friends and family. He visited her family with her this weekend,” they added.

Amber also inked 47 on the back of her arm in honor of her grandfather.

A tattoo dedicated to 28-year-old Nick is coming After the pair rekindled their romance I’m on vacation in Ibiza towards the end of last year. New tattoos may show a clean run for couples on and off.

Amber won the Love Island 2017 Series, coupled with a television personality Chem Setinai, However They ended their relationship The second half of the year.

Star Exclusively OK!Her summer at a villa on Love Island was the best of her life..

Last year, Amber and Nick enjoyed a reunion on a romantic trip to Ibiza.

The actress, who starred in musicals 9-5, said: Can you believe it? ‘It’s the best summer of my life to date and will last forever. “

Amber also recalled, as she said, keeping her love life in the public eye. ..

The star also said, “I forgot that I was in the spotlight, people knew my business, and then I would go down. I learned a lot of lessons about life really early on.” I admitted.

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Amber Day beads get a tattoo tribute for their boyfriend after rekindling romance again

Source link Amber Day beads get a tattoo tribute for their boyfriend after rekindling romance again

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