Amanda Owen at our Yorkshire Farm shares a snap of a sweet festive for kids after a tough year

Our yorkshire farmof Amanda Owen We share how she and her children are enjoying their Christmas holidays.

The shepherd (47), who shares nine children with her husband Clive (66), is warmly wrapped while she and her three children pose for a selfie while on the farm. At that time, everyone was smiling.

Amanda and Clive are Raven’s parents, 20 years old Ruben, 17, Miles, 15, Edith, 12, Violet, 10, Sydney, 9, Anna, 7, Cremy, 5, Nancy, 4 – Who Recently, I accidentally swallowed Biro.

Amanda captioned the photo she shared on Tuesday, December 28th. Yesterday’s selection of hoods and hats. “

464,000 followers of nine mothers immediately wanted Amanda and her family to do their best for the New Year, commenting on how sweet the snaps were.

Amanda Owen was all smiling when she posed to take a selfie with the kids

“Adorable, I wish you a wonderful New Year,” wrote one.

“I like your book! I wish you all the best of luck. (Of course, animals too!),” Another person wrote.

“I love all these red faces, I love you, and I wish you had the most beautiful Christmas,” the third party added.

Meanwhile, another of her followers requested to see A photo of her and Clive together After the news surfaced The pair had passed the “Rocky patch” Earlier this year.

Amanda Owen of our Yorkshire Farm talks with her husband that she is
Amanda Owen of Yorkshire Farm shares nine children with her husband Clive

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Following the allegations, Amanda and Clive said in a joint statement: understood! October: “In TV shows and books, we have always aimed to show the reality of life on the farm. Like any marriage, we combine with all the complexity of what we do on the farm. , Has stress and tension, and raises nine children.

“We are an ordinary family and have never said that our marriage is perfect. Unfortunately, we are experiencing a constant invasion of our lives from the media. Amplified rock patch. We will work on this. “

Amanda not only shares pictures of her and her children, but also provides up-to-date information on how some of the sheep behave during the festival, and some of her animals He revealed that he was suffering from a “blind illness”.

Shepherd Amanda "Some cases of blind illness among sheep"
Shepherd Amanda said on her farm that “there were some cases of blind illness among sheep.”

Amanda equipped with a series of photographs: “I see the ewes.”

She continued. “Some cases of blind illness in sheep that need treatment. Wind, snow and hay seeds cause irritation and infection. Only one treatment is needed to cure but vision Being restricted makes it very difficult to catch.

“Shepherd scammers are active in these times.”

In the video, Amanda showed one of her sheep working towards the ground and taking a closer look at it.

People continued to praise Amanda for her “rugby” skills in the comments section.

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Amanda Owen at our Yorkshire Farm shares a snap of a sweet festive for kids after a tough year

Source link Amanda Owen at our Yorkshire Farm shares a snap of a sweet festive for kids after a tough year

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