Amanda Holden vows to still look good at 95 while she talks about the secrets of her beauty

Amanda Holden There are no plans to lower her standards of beauty, she still wants to look good at 95!

NS Britain’s Got Talent Star, 50, reveals that he loves to hear how great his age is, and is thrilled to be praised for his appearance of backward aging.

“I used to be called Mandy Button, but it’s very flattering! That’s great,” she told us in an interview to mark that she signed up as her new face. say Charles Worthington London..

“I don’t think it looks like 50, but I don’t think it looks like 30. I like people who say it suits their age, so I do it regardless of age 60, 70 or 80. I want to continue, or whatever. I want to be 95! “She laughs.

Amanda won her first hair campaign for Charles Worsington London

Amanda works hard for her youthful beauty, but certainly does not lead to a joyless, funless, fatless being. “I take care of myself, run, do yoga, and I’m a vegetarian. But I love drinks. I don’t deny myself,” she says.

“After being blocked and all of us denied our freedom, I just think.” Now, don’t deny yourself, just enjoy life. “Everything is modest, but If you need a glass of wine or donuts, bring one. Life is too short. I’m not one of those “all or nothing”, I can’t live that way. “

Amanda is delighted to win her first hair gig, especially as she, her two girls, Lexi and Holly, and her husband Chris have all used the brand’s products for years. Say you feel.

“I use volume and bounce hairspray every day at Heart FM Studios because my dad is always waiting for me. It’s always a red carpet day for me,” she says. “So I have to maintain. But I’m a girl who maintains her dignity anyway.”

Here’s what she had to tell us when we caught up with the extravagant afternoon tea to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Charles Worsington London:

Congratulations on your first hair campaign landing!

Good things will come to those who are waiting. That’s what I’ve always wanted, and when I saw my peers doing it, I thought, “Well, that’s never going to happen to me.” I’m 50 years old, and it passed me. But this is a perfect marriage to Charles Worsington. They know what they are doing. I know what I am doing. And 50 doesn’t really mean anything anymore. I think women like JLo, Kylie and Jennifer Aniston are of that age and are very nice.

Amanda always wanted to be signed as a celebrity hair ambassador
Amanda always wanted to be signed as a celebrity hair ambassador

It’s the new 30! But were there any psychological wobbles at the milestones?

No, I think there was a lot of wobbling when I was 30 years old. I was divorced and thought, “s ***, I’m 30 years old. At this point, I should have children.” But when I was 50, I think I was in a very good place. I just went “Yes, I’m 50, I feel great, and I just don’t care.”

What makes you so happy right now?

My family is in love and there are good people in my life who take care of me. My husband – God, we are different people, but he is my biggest and most proud champion. He is not Yesman, but he is always “Gormandy”. So that’s great.

Few people use the word “in love” after 13 years of marriage.

What a mess, I really like Chris. We had dinner at the restaurant, he went to the bathroom, I looked up, glanced at the man, thought “he’s healthy”, and “f ***, that’s my husband! I’m I still like him! “He challenges me, I challenge him, and I think that’s the secret to a good marriage.

Amanda and Chris are still in love like crazy after 13 years of marriage
Amanda and Chris are still in love like crazy after 13 years of marriage

What is the secret of your skin care?

The biggest thing for me is that I don’t always use the same product, so I try to change everything at least every 3-4 months. There is also a treatment called Morpheus Eight. It basically stamps the face, presses collagen and lifts everything. very. I did it on my neck and chest.

Did you really miss the fact that you didn’t get treatment at the clinic last year?

It was a massage that I missed more than a facial. I just missed going to the pros rather than my husband doing it with a string. He is really good at massage. But it always comes at a price … you solve it! [laughs uproariously]

You are lucky to fancy him!

[Laughs even more] He has a very strong thumb!

Some of Amanda's favorite Charles Worsington London products
Some of Amanda’s favorite Charles Worsington London products

Have you ever considered cosmetic surgery?

I don’t know because my gene pool is a good gene pool. I’m really lucky. We have big cheeks and good chin lines for our family. So as long as it all stays that way, I don’t care.

Then do you have any plans to give up maintenance?

No, but Chris and I always say, “Why don’t you sow the seeds in the 70’s and eat and drink what you like?” I say, “I don’t know the baby, so we make the decision.” I’ve always thought I’d retire by then, but I’m probably not. I don’t want to retire, I’m having a lot of fun. But it will be a little late, but I hope I have grandchildren by then. I’m dying, so I don’t want to keep my kids waiting until they’re nearly 40 years old.

Amanda Holden and her gorgeous family
Amanda Holden and her gorgeous family

Are you still really ambitious?

I think the word “ambition” is often used to describe a female villain in a novel. But I think it’s a really positive word. Despite the load of my ambitions being achieved, I’m still working harder. Hopefully touted something that will be done by the BBC.

Do you have any big plans for Christmas this year?

We go out for Christmas for the first time. I, Chris and my kids alone go to the Caribbean. That’s what I always said I wouldn’t do, but I just crossed the blockade so much that I don’t want to be here. I just want to be warm. My teenager will hate it, but it will probably be the last thing I get her. She will soon go with her friends.

Your girl is growing so fast, what do you think about it?

It’s scary that it goes so fast. Looking back at the gorgeous photos on my mobile phone, I think, “Oh, I wasn’t really grateful when I was young.” Lexi is now taller and more beautiful than I am. She is confident, but quiet and diligent, and has not yet been involved in any kind of accident! And my little Holly is Mini Me. She is a perfect fairy, dancing and singing on every occasion. We are really lucky. There are two really good, healthy and gorgeous girls, but time is our greatest enemy. So I count everything second.

I’m excited about the resurrection of Britain’s Got Talent …

It’s always my January, and getting it back is so great – hopefully in the right way. There was enough. Remove the mask and gather the people in your audience. If people can return to the theater, they can return to Britain’s Got Talent.

Amanda is excited about the return of BGT
Amanda is excited about the return of BGT

Are you looking forward to offending your viewers with your clothes again?

I laugh at how a few side boobs can cause such anger. I’m like “as long as they’re talking about my t ** …”. [laughs] I think it’s interesting. We should be able to dress as we want. There is no interpretation. I’m not sexy, it’s the sexualization of everyone else. I think I was the most dissatisfied until Piers Morgan overtook me. Fuck!

Your side boob is less officially aggressive than the pier that hits Good Morning Britain.

[laughs] I want to offend people to what I look like, rather than the way I speak. one hundred percent!

To commemorate the brand’s 25th anniversary, Amanda Holden has been appointed as the new celebrity ambassador to Charles Worsington London.

Amanda Holden vows to still look good at 95 while she talks about the secrets of her beauty

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