Amanda Holden takes off her swimsuit and swims in the freezing waters on a girl’s weekend

Amanda Holden was found taking off her swimsuit to swim with her friends in the freezing cold waters over the weekend.

The radio host was filmed to show off her toned body on a stoney beach before hitting the water with a group of her peers.


Amanda dressed in a bathing suit to soak in the seaCredit: INSTAGRAM


She joined her celebrity companion for a trip to the beachCredit: INSTAGRAM

Amanda, 50, Despite the single digit temperature, she took her to her social media to show off the crazy moments she had removed for a daytime swim.

She has joined a group of peers, including the EastEnders star Tamzin Outhwait, Emmerdale’s Nicola Stevenson and TV chef Lisa Falkner.

Bancroft actress Sarah Parish Angela Griffin, the host of BBC Radio 2, also joined the group of women heading to the beach over the weekend.

Amanda was filmed to promote Marks & Spencer’s new gin. She told her fans, “I’m going into the sea on a cold December day.”

When the two mothers enthusiastically posed at the camera, they threw the towels in a cut-out swimsuit to show their toned body.

The camera keeps spinning while she takes off her boots and grabs her friend by hand, entering the sea with a second clip.

Amanda and her celebrity companions wore wetsuits for a chilly dip, but were heard laughing and screaming as they ran.

Amanda, struck by the waves, was quickly pushed to the floor, submerged in frozen water, and then exhausted to collect towels.

Late in the evening, I was able to see a group of women enjoying dinner together in a follow-up clip on their Christmas trip.

EastEnders star Tamjin, 51, brought to Instagram a video of her and her companions singing Bing Crosby’s hit “It’s Beginning to Christmas.”

The group sat around the table and lined up Prosecco bottles and plates for a luxurious meal in a sea-facing location.

“When your girl booked a Christmas trip, you’ve been looking forward to it for months, and then the day comes,” she captioned the sweet video.

“That’s all I wanted and needed at the time. I’m very lucky to have these ridiculous and incredible females in my life.”

Amanda looked at the Instagram story, saw fireworks set off in the garden with her family, and revealed how their night ended.

“The best girl in the world,” Amanda wrote in a video of the women watching in amazement and cheered among them.

A few days later Amanda has entered the spirit of Christmas By placing a huge cheap jewel display on her Christmas tree and her front door.


Amanda told fans she needed a drink after swimming in “freezing” waterCredit: INSTAGRAM
Amanda Holden showcases her incredible Christmas tree and festive door decorations after transformation

Amanda Holden takes off her swimsuit and swims in the freezing waters on a girl’s weekend

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