Amanda Holden received a late-night text from Simon Cowell about her engagement: “It’s happening!”

Amanda Holden Screamed to Simon CowellSurprise proposal to long-term girlfriend Lauren Silberman.

The 62-year-old music tycoon Kneeling, I asked Lauren, 44, to marry him during a romantic sunny vacation. 13 years later Barbados and one son Eric, seven together.

Amanda, now a radio host and longtime friend of Simon, began her magical engagement when she talked with Hart FM co-stars Ashley Roberts and Jamie Theakston.

When Ashley, 51 and 40, asked for details of the proposal, Amanda confessed, “I have to say I’m as shocked as Lauren.”

Amanda Holden speaks about Simon Cowell’s engagement

Simon Cowell and Lauren Silverman are reportedly engaged
Simon asked Lauren a question during his vacation in Barbados

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Ashley quized her and replied, “Did Simon say he wouldn’t get married?”

Amanda replied: “Simon said he would never get married, and obviously Lauren was by his side, you now have them so much together, and I she I think I’m alone, but I don’t know if she’s ever been, I thought he would put a ring on it! “

Recently TV personality, Wearing a leather dress and a long-legged display, Before the media reported on it, she continued to share how she knew about the proposal.

Amanda said she received the text from Simon
Amanda said she received the text from Simon

“And last night we all received the text’It’s happening’, and we couldn’t believe it, and when we received the text last night it was in today’s dissertation. I knew there was! “She said.

When Jamie asked if the wedding would take place in 2022, Amanda explained she asked the same question.

She sent a text message to Simon and Lauren in advance to know more about their wedding so that they could book plane tickets before the prices went up.

Amanda Holden shared a hilarious gift that Simon Cowell gave her on her 50th birthday.
Amanda is already thinking about booking tickets abroad

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“I want to think so,” Amanda began. “While we’re talking, I’m literally sending a message to them.” Please let me know if you need to book a flight to Barbados because you want to board before the price goes up. “

“I also need to book a work vacation. I need to wear a hat. I’m thinking about who will take care of my children. Would you like to invite them?”

Amanda added, “Honestly, they need to think about their guests!”

Simon and Lauren share 7-year-old son Eric
Lauren is reportedly shocked by the proposal.

Sources said Sun Regarding Simon’s engagement on January 11, he said: Incredibly, the blockade brought them closer than ever.

“Lauren was absolutely stunned and didn’t expect Simon to ask questions for a million years.

“She shed tears suddenly-happy tears-and apparently immediately said” yes “. “

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Amanda Holden received a late-night text from Simon Cowell about her engagement: "It's happening!"

Source link Amanda Holden received a late-night text from Simon Cowell about her engagement: "It's happening!"

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