Amanda Byram announces the birth of Surprise Babyson

Amanda Byram became a mother.

An Irish TV host, 48, who has been married to TV producer husband Julian Okines since 2016, shared her first photo on Instagram on Friday and has a long story about her “long and painful” childbirth journey. I posted.

She wrote:’And you were. I am very happy, loving and happy to welcome @julianokines and our incredible son, Phoenix Blaze Byram Okines, into a wide and wonderful world …

“It is a privilege that he entrusted us to nurture his little soul and guide us through the infinite possibilities of life, and we forever give him for choosing us as his parents. Thank you. Our birth journey is long …

Happy News: TV host Amanda Byram, 48, welcomed her surprised son after detailing her “long and painful” childbirth journey on Instagram on Friday.

Sharing this snap, she writes:

“Our childbirth journey is long, a broken heart of hope that has turned into despair, an uplifting feeling that has turned into devastation, and the tension that puts this often secret journey in front of your work, your friends, and your life. I know it well.

I know a lot of brave parents who have been struggling for a long time like us, so I hope we can share this magical news today to inspire and provide light at the end of the tunnel …

“You are a powerful warrior, I know your pain, and I meet you. We send you all the power you need to tackle your journey …

“Now that he’s finally here, we’ve never felt ready to be his mummy and dad, mentally, physically or emotionally more than ever. ..

Sweet: Irish TV presenter, 48, has been married to her husband Julian Okines since 2016 (2015 photo)

“My heart explodes with love for you … you have been my solid rock for the last few years and have encouraged me to hang out and continue …

“After all tears, all falls, all heartaches, your aggressiveness seemed to make everything possible again. Today, we are all together with you, your energy, and Thanks to your enthusiasm …

“We are very lucky to be able to welcome you, and Phoenix is ​​lucky to be able to call you his dad, I know you are already his hero. Loves you endlessly ❤️’.

In her recent Instagram photos, Amanda is snapped primarily from the waist up or with her back towards the camera-the bumps remain hidden.

Passionate: She shared a long caption about their childbirth struggle

In 2015, she talked about her fear of being “too late to be a mom.”

She then said:’Look, I’m 42 years old. And I really didn’t want to go that way until I was convinced that I really met the right person …

“I think you have the option to do it as a female, you choose to do it yourself to do it with someone even if you are not sure they are the right person Or you can wait for the right person and then it may be too late …

“We’ve been together for a year and a half. I’m healthy, I’m healthy, no problem in that sense. So who knows? It’s in the hands of the gods.”

Stanner: In recent Instagram photos, Amanda is snapped primarily from the waist up or with her back towards the camera-keeping the bumps hidden (taken earlier this month).

Vision: The October image was taken from the waist up by a TV star.

In 2016, she told her diary: I will do it. I always say you can’t really plan something like that, and even if you try you can’t …

“I don’t know what kind of mom you’ll be. I don’t think you’ll know it until you actually get into that situation. You always expect you to be a one-way street, and then you’re another way Will have to wait. “

Five years before he married Julian, Amanda approached tying a knot with Astralian rugby union player Craig McMullen.

When the relationship went wrong, she was previously Hello! About her decision:’I felt such relief. It was one of the bravest things I’ve ever done, but I turned it to my head and saw it as a weakness.

Last thing I saw: Amanda was last seen on the screen of The Chase Celebrity Special last month.It is unknown when the show was filmed

The Right Person: She was previously talking about waiting to have a baby until she met the right person (2015 photo).

Amanda Byram announces the birth of Surprise Babyson

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