Alonso clarifies comments about racing on the “dark side” at the F1 British Grand Prix

Two-time F1 World Champion Alonso was the star of F1’s first 100km Saturday race prior to the British Grand Prix, occupying six positions on the opening lap, moving from 11th to 5th.

Alonso eventually retreated to 2nd place before the end of the sprint race, but improved grid positions allowed Alonso to finish 7th at the Grand Prix on Sunday.

During the sprint race, Alonso was warned about moving with the brakes on, but did not change his approach, saying “it will be the same for the rest of the year.” “I will be on the dark side.”

Alonso didn’t mean he would be more aggressive after the race on Sunday, but after complaining that Steward didn’t take action in the first lap in Austria two weeks ago, he pushed the limits of the rules. He explained that he was going to push it up. ..

“I have always been a clean driver and will continue to be a clean driver,” Alonso said.

“I think I [one of the] Few licenses have no points.

“But what I mentioned yesterday was that by respecting the rules, I felt a bit like an Austrian idiot. And we are trying to talk to the race director and people are going I’m always trying to say or blame everything I have without giving many answers. It was strange.

“So I don’t want to blame others for what they are doing or cry in every race.

“The strategy for the first race had no or no solution. So it turned out that the solution was to do what others are doing. That’s what we know. The only thing you can do. “

2022 F1 car launch event at Silverstone Grid. Fernando Alonso, Alpine F1 and Esteban Ocon, Alpine F1

Photo: Mark Sutton / Motorsport image

In the Austrian case, Daniel Ricciardo ran wide on Turn 1 of the opening lap, being able to stay ahead of Alonso, and Alpine drivers asked him to abandon many positions.

Alonso said in Austria “I felt stupid” He was “the only person who made the corner”, so no action was taken against Ricardo.

“We were fair and told the referee,’Look, they’re playing with both hands in the penalty area,’ Alonso told Silverstone.

“But I understand that if the referee does nothing, he can play in the hands of the penalty area. So we do that.

“We hope we don’t have to do that. But apparently there are some things that Formula 1 allows today, so copy it.

“And we don’t feel like we’re away from sports anymore. So there’s no dark side. We’re just playing with the same rules as everyone else.”

Alonso clarifies comments about racing on the “dark side” at the F1 British Grand Prix

SourceAlonso clarifies comments about racing on the “dark side” at the F1 British Grand Prix

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