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Alok Sharma, President of COP26, to visit South Africa to strengthen support for equitable energy transition

  • Mr. Sharma will meet with key stakeholders involved in the clean, fair energy transition process, and how the partnership will support their ambitious goals.

  • The UK is announcing 1,5 1.5 million in additional funding for new technical assistance և cooperation to support South Africa’s fair energy transition.

COP President Alok Sharma will leave for South Africa this week (June 19-21) as work continues to support the implementation of the South Africa Fair Energy Transition Partnership (JETP) announced last year at COP26.

During his visit, the COP President will meet with South African government ministers, communities, business leaders, and officials involved in ensuring a fair energy transition for South Africa, discussing the opportunities and challenges presented by such a transition, and how the partnership can support them. accelerate the movement towards renewable energy.

The South Africa Just Energy Transition Partnership is a long-term political agreement between South Africa and the International Partnership Group (IPG) of the United Kingdom, the United States, France, Germany and the European Union.

The country-led Partnership aims to accelerate the process of carbonizing the South African economy by focusing on strengthening the power system and moving away from coal, which will help the country achieve its ambitious goals set out in the National Defined Investment (NDC).

During his first visit to the country, Mr. Sharma will meet with coal-mining communities to hear their views on the transition to equitable energy and to highlight green growth opportunities for job creation. He will see the coal-fired power plant support a fair transition to work, which will soon be decommissioned, monitoring the redistribution process there, boosting the conservation efforts and creating new jobs while removing coal.

While in South Africa, Mr. Sharma will meet with key South African government ministers and representatives of the South African Presidential Climate Finance Working Group tasked with implementing the Fair Energy Transition Partnership. The Parties will jointly assess progress, agree on next steps to advance this innovative response, accelerate և and finance equitable energy transitions.

COP26 President Alok Sharma said:

“Transitioning clean, equitable energy will not only lead to improved climate change, it will help create new jobs, economic growth, clean air and a flexible, prosperous future.

“Providing financial assistance and technical partnerships is fundamental to supporting this transition in emerging economies.

“The South African Fair Energy Transition Partnership embodies the ambition we have called for at COP26. This country-led approach puts justice at the heart of clean energy coal և high-level funding և will support South Africa in achieving this ambitious transition.

“Less than six months after COP27, my visit is to demonstrate our continued support for South Africa, to advance this commitment, and to build the next key steps.”

An additional միլիոն 1.5 million will be provided to South Africa in 2022-2023 through the UK Partnership for Accelerated Climate Change (PACT) program, which provides technical assistance to South African government stakeholders working to ensure fair transition flexibility. , on climate change. Ways to achieve zero in various economic sectors և Energy carbonation of the energy sector.

There is a huge global appetite for strategic energy security that could lead to greater investment in renewable energy. Work is ongoing with partners to assess the scope of similar partnerships in other countries with further announcements expected before COP27.

Alok Sharma, President of COP26, to visit South Africa to strengthen support for equitable energy transition

SourceAlok Sharma, President of COP26, to visit South Africa to strengthen support for equitable energy transition

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