Allison’s feet put the Premier League title in Manchester’s hands as Liverpool faced a top four battle

AllisonFeet put the title in the hands of Manchester City, but with Ilkay Gundoan Phil Foden It’s shaped like you grab it yourself.

A slow thunder strike by a shimmering British playmaker has been completed and reflected Stress 4-1 victory that’s all Liverpool.. It goes far beyond the “statement” and Premier League Trophy on the side of Pep Guardiola.

They are in the best command position-getting the game and clearing 5 points-due to the fact that this was their first victory in Anfield since 2003 and the first Catalan victory. Further sense of security. The argument may be that this is not the same Anfield without fans, not the same Liverpool with so many injuries, and not the same Allison with such an error.

But for that accumulation of problems, you only have to look at the accumulation of city victories. This also achieved 10 consecutive victories in the league, and it felt like the performance they had built up. This is certainly a new or perhaps updated city. The fact that they did it without Kevin De Bruyne makes it very ominous to anyone else. Many would say that the title race is over. The psychological hold that Anfield might have had against the team is certainly over, but the game may have begun a little hoodoo for Allison.

The main reason for this victory was the city’s dominance, but the main changes in the game are Goalkeeper meltdown.. He may have a big impact on the delivery of the title again, but it’s not the way everyone expected. Allison’s former heroes should not be forgotten and should not be overly criticized for this, but for goalkeepers like Fabien Barthez against Arsenal in 2001/02 and Jezy Dudec against Manchester United. It was just as difficult not to think of a similar horror show next season. Both proved to be decisive in the final destination of these titles.

Guardiola has the theory that if a goalkeeper is confident in a big game, he can cause a chain reaction and almost self-achieve a bigger error. This definitely seems to be the case here. The city was just ready to grab it. Allison failed one path and soon failed another in a worse way. It was probably part of the general sloppyness from Liverpool that exacerbated its sloppyness and made them more uncertain.

One of the first notable actions in the first half of the tragedy was that Trent Alexander-Arnold launched a strange attempt on a pass across the pitch. Raheem Sterling defeated him with an opening goal off the city, prominently targeting fullback and taking performance to another level. Sure, the game was relatively uniform up to Alison’s meltdown, which definitely amplified the magnitude of the win, but there was a certain sense that there was more in the city-more will come. Their performance was calculated to fit Guardiola’s new approach to the team. They have been more contained and more protected these days, but there was a sense of liberation here.

Phil Foden scored Manchester’s final goal

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This is especially true for Foden. Guardiola’s management of a young playmaker was initially criticized for not playing him enough, but now looks like a cautious cultivation. His current form is better than David Silva’s last few seasons, even if it sounds sacrificed. The goal was a great moment, but the second run from Alison’s second bad pass really boosted and energized the city. It was urgency to win the game.

The same applies to the overall management of Guardiola in this club. The reality remains that he has the benefits of the most luxurious project in football history, backed by billions of Abu Dhabi, but it’s just as true that he’s maximizing those benefits again. He has found solutions to many of the problems that occurred last year. It’s a testament to his football genius.

Crop, on the other hand, faces almost more problems than it can handle. It’s as if something happens each time he approaches fixing one. The new issue here was the city’s new approach. It undercut Liverpool’s usual match against them-but they weren’t playing with something like normal strength.

The latest issue since then is their position at the table. All pre-game and in-game discussions were about the title, but the aftermath puts the champion in an unstable position with respect to the location of the Champions League. Klopp had no choice, but he had to admit that it was now their main purpose. After all, they should be enough to make it easy, but it reflects their current problems and now looks much more difficult.

On the other hand, the difficulty in choosing a top performer reflects Citi’s current class. Sterling, Gundoan and Ruben Dias are all candidates, but it was Foden who won the game-and perhaps won the title.

Allison’s feet put the Premier League title in Manchester’s hands as Liverpool faced a top four battle

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