Allison Hammond opens the door to the father of a “naughty” drug smuggler

this morning favorite Allison Hammond Opened about her “suspicious” dad who had a shotgun and was smuggling drugs.

A popular moderator, 46, revealed that his deceased father, Cliff, regularly handled a wad of cash and had a shotgun on the truck.

In her book, You’ve Got to Laugh, the mother talked about her “attractive but naughty dad.” She runs a business where her father imports trucks from her native Caribbean Sea and the United Kingdom.

Allison said: “One day he went straight from the airport to our house.” Do you see these boots? “He said with a grin at his feet. “These are the most expensive snakeskin boots in the world.”

Allison Hammond reveals about her “naughty” dad in her new book

“Why are they so expensive?” My mother asked. He bent over, thawed his boots, and dropped a large amount of cannabis. “

She continued: “It was my dad! Cliff was charismatic and charming, but he was naughty. People escaped drugs before introducing detection dogs and body scans at the airport. He was illegally bringing drugs into the country at the time of his creation.

“I’ve never been interested in drugs from afar, so it’s embarrassing to admit it, but I remember him coming to our house and giving money to my mother. increase.

“If you think about it now, it was probably the money you got from the cannabis smuggling. It’s very shaded.”

Allison Hammond talks about her “naughty” dad Cliff

She also revealed that her mother, Maria, who died in 2020, discovered that she was married to her family when she became pregnant with Allison.

The cheerful presenter remembers that when her dad visited often, she brought an expensive gift.

She said. “My dad definitely had a lifestyle.

“Whenever we go out to eat with him, he always pays.” Whatever you want, “he says.

“He introduced us to Chinese food when it was a luxury to take out in China.

Maria and Allison, their deceased mothers

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“We had it every time he came, and I got hooked on it and as far as I asked my mother,” When I wrote to him and asked, Santa had Chinese food for breakfast. Do you think it will come? “

“Until the year Santa delivered cold Chinese food, I didn’t know how great Santa was-results!”

Television favorites also remind me of a visit to her father in Jamaica.

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She writes: “When we visited him, he was like a king. The way people talk about him shows that he is respected and feared in the community.

“They called him Mr. Hammond, and you could see anxiety in their eyes when they talked to him. He was pushing a huge shotgun under the pickup truck everywhere. I wasn’t surprised because I was driving in. He didn’t mess up.

“My mom and I stayed at the hotel, and my dad gathered us most days and took us out. I sat behind the truck and mom and dad stood in front. “

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Allison Hammond opens the door to the father of a "naughty" drug smuggler

Source link Allison Hammond opens the door to the father of a "naughty" drug smuggler

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