Allison Hammond mistakes Dragons’ Den’s Deborah Meaden’s house for a wrecked factory

Allison Hammond left this morning Fans laugh at her latest blunder on the ITV daytime show on Wednesday, January 5th.

The morning star, Alison, 46, joined Dermot O’Leary and hosted the second episode of ITV’s daytime show in 2022.

During the program, Alison and Dermot interviewed Dragon’s Den star Deborah Meeden via a video link at home. I swore twice during the interview.

When Alison and 48-year-old Dermot talked to Deborah about the new dragon Stephen Bartlett, she asked the businessman, “Where are you Deborah, are you in the factory?”

Allison Hammond mistaken Deborah Meeden’s house for a factory this morning

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As Allison said, Deborah smiled and paused. “Oh, isn’t it your home? I’m sorry!”

Allison gave off a cheeky giggle, and co-host Dermot didn’t seem to be impressed when he frowned with his arms crossed.

“‘It … it looked like it was a color,'” Alison insisted with a laugh at Dermot and Allison.

Deborah also joined the laugh, showing that she wasn’t angry with the TV star’s slip-up.

Allison this morning kept laughing at the mistakes while her co-host Dermot was frowned upon.

Deborah Meaden laughs at Alison’s blunder

“It’s actually my office,” Deborah explained. “And the dog has just begun to bark!”

As one wrote on Twitter, fans remained tickled by Allison’s mistakes.

Another addition: “Oops Alison just puts her feet right in the dragon’s mouth You’re so funny.”

Allison and Dermot took over the dismorning hosting business for the first few days after the Christmas holidays.

Allison and Dermot are hosting a show after Christmas holidays

Some were pleased that the pair returned to the Dis Morning sofa, while others wondered where the show’s main presenters Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield were.

One said, “When they come back, Phil and Holly are still on vacation! #ThisMorning.”

Another joke: “I work more than Phil and Holly-and I’m unemployed! #ThisMorning”.

Some fans wondered when Holly and Philip would be back

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The third question is, “Why do Holly and Phil take an extra week off when school returns and people return to work #thismorning?”

Dermot and Allison seemed to answer viewers’ questions when they started the program by dancing to Eminem’s track “Without Me” at the start of the show on Tuesday.

Then Allison said, “Yes, I’m back.” Allison told the viewer when the music began to settle down.

“That is, one day late,” Dermot protested. “We were here yesterday, why didn’t they do this yesterday?”

“I know, I know,” Alison agreed when Dermot asked. “Are they surprised that we are back?”

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Allison Hammond mistakes Dragons' Den's Deborah Meaden's house for a wrecked factory

Source link Allison Hammond mistakes Dragons' Den's Deborah Meaden's house for a wrecked factory

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