Allison Hammond jokes this morning when a guest talks about marrying the Earth, she’s “ecosexual.”

this morning host Allison Hammond Following a segment with guests who had various weddings with nature, she jokes that she has become “ecosexual.”

Recently 46 years old Opened the door to her “naughty” drug smuggler’s father, And her co-host Dermot O’Leary, 48-year-old Anise Sprinkle and Best Stevens attended and talked about the concept of being ecosexual on Friday, January 21st, before Allison declared.

Annie and Beth told the presenters about the history of marrying the sky in Oxford, tying grass and knots in Austria, and later having a wedding with the Earth itself near her home in San Francisco, USA.

The pair explained that while they do “eco-sex”, some others also do “grassilingus”, which is oral sex on the grass.

Alison Hammond and Dermot O’Leary talk to “ecosexual” guests

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He then told Allison and Dermot, “I love the earth through my senses,” and continued, “You are never alone. You can walk in the grass and find out that you have a lover.”

Annie and Beth then took out their book “Assuming an Ecosexual Position-As Love the Earth” and flicked the page to reveal the photo.

They went on to say, “There’s a manifest, there’s a book,” and “Here’s a wedding entry, here’s a manifest, and in the middle there’s all sorts of photos …” I did.

Guests shared that they have a book "Ecosexualism"
Guests shared having a book on “ecosexualism”

As Dermot said, when the “Wow, Wow …” photo appeared on the screen, Alison jumped up and declared it a joke. With a girl. Thank you very much. “

After Annie and Beth left, Dermot joked: “When we speak, the editorial team is literally having a heart attack!”

Many viewers flock to Twitter to share their views on this segment, as one wrote, “I love this kind of guest. They cheer me up. #ThisMorning.” There was only.

Allison she "Ecosexual everyone"
Allison joked that she was “ecosexual everyone”

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It was after Alison recently admitted that he would never attend the ITV hit show Dancing on Ice.

While sitting in the audience to watch the January 16th show, beauty was seen talking to host Holly Willow Bee.

Allison shared support with his professional partner, Lukas Luzicchi, for his colleague Leah Hebden, 39, who first faced a horrifying skate off.

Allison Hammond reveals that she never does the Dancing on Ice
Allison said he would never do the Dancing on Ice

She then told 40-year-old Holly that she would never compete on the skating rink while attending almost every competition in Britain, including Big Brother.

“I’m watching it. It’s dangerous. It’s one of the most dangerous sports ever and that’s why I didn’t do it,” Alison explained.

Alison recently shared A heartbreaking tribute to her late mother, He went on to say, “You know I did everything else, but I don’t have this idea. This is one of the things I don’t do purely because of danger.”

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Allison Hammond jokes this morning when a guest talks about marrying the Earth, she's "ecosexual."

Source link Allison Hammond jokes this morning when a guest talks about marrying the Earth, she's "ecosexual."

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