All Walk The Line viewers have the same problem with Simon Cowell’s new song show

All Walk the Line viewers who listened to the first episode of Simon Cowell’s latest television venture asked the same question.

Viewers introduced the judges after seeing Maya Jama hosting a new ITV singing competition. One of the judges wondered why she was there.


Walk the Line viewers couldn’t understand what Dawn French was doing at the showCredit: Eroteme

Music icon Gary Barlow, Award-winning performer Alesha Dixon, Comedy legend Dawn french, And chart superstar Craig David I’m on the Star Judging Committee.

At the show, musicals such as soloists, duos and bands will be on stage to perform for the country and the judges.

But talent alone is not enough to win a prize.

Contestants need steel nerves to decide whether to cash out or physically walk the line and risk everything to stay in the competition.

Acts who finished at the top of the leaderboard proceed to the show the next night, where they face a new lineup of performers.

The longer they can stay in the competition, the bigger the prize pot.

The first episode of Walk The Line collected a variety of reviews, but many viewers wondered why Dawn was a music show judge.

Dawn is best known for her comedy and acting, including the Viker of Dibley.

“I’m trying to understand why Dawn French is doing it at a singing show,” one fan wrote on Twitter.

Another person said, “I love Dawn French, why is she a” judge “in the song competition? I added.

And the third writes: “Did #dawnfrench get lost in the wrong studio?”

Even the host Maya, who seems to lack singing expertise, delved into Dawn.

“It’s the icon of Dawn French. You’re the only one on the panel who isn’t technically a singer,” she said in the introduction.

Dawn replied: “That’s rude! Maya, I’m sorry, can I correct it a bit? I had a very brilliant career in singing, roll the VT!”

VT showed the dawn with skits of multiple songs while the audience cheered.

Maya then withdrew her comment: “I mean regaining everything I said. It fully proves your location on the panel.”

Many viewers love Dawn’s contribution to the show, and one fan wrote: I’ve seen everything since #TheCircle (shouldn’t have been canceled … SEND!). Dawn-You are exactly what the country needs #WalkTheLine. “

Dawn, who studied with Jennifer Saunders, a longtime collaborator at the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, can actually sing, but sometimes her nerves get better.

She revealed that she was guaranteed in the hit movie Mamma Mia! However, she stumbled during the audition for her song.

“I was asked to read that part and was told it was mostly mine. I had to audition for music, but it was definitely in the bag,” Dawn said. He spoke at the 2017 Graham Norton Show.

“Everyone in the audition was nice and chatty with me until I sang.

“I was so nervous that I couldn’t sing at all. It was terrible. When I left the room, all the people who were very nice to me were just staring at the table and no one said a word. did not.

“By the time I got downstairs, my agent had sent a text message saying,” This isn’t just going to work love! ” “

Walk the Line will air on ITV every night at 8 pm until Friday, December 17, 2021.

She is judging the show with Craig David, Alesha Dixon and Gary Barlow


She is judging the show with Craig David, Alesha Dixon and Gary BarlowCredit: Eroteme
Host Maya Jama also delved into Dawn's singing experience


Host Maya Jama also delved into Dawn’s singing experienceCredit: Eroteme
Maya Jama faints in a walk-the-line silver mini dress

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All Walk The Line viewers have the same problem with Simon Cowell’s new song show

Source link All Walk The Line viewers have the same problem with Simon Cowell’s new song show

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