ALL TIME’s most popular Neighbors characters revealed

The most popular Neighbors character in ALL TIME has been revealed … so can you guess which Ramsey Street resident it is?

Ryan Maloney has played one of the longest-running characters in the Neighbors for over 20 years.

And since the fictional character has just become the most popular with viewers, enthusiastic fans still seem to be excited about the story of Jarrod “Toad” Rebecchi at the show.

Opinion poll by Australian soap fan site earlier this week Return to the bay I saw thousands of fans take Toadie to the top of the list..

Most popular! Ryan Maloney’s character Jarrod’Toadfish’ Rebecchi has been named the most popular Neighbors character to date.

On the other hand, like other iconic characters Paul Robinson, played by Stephen Dennis, and Susan Kennedy, played by Jackie Woodburne, landed in second and third place, respectively.

Older timers like Karl Kennedy (Alan Fletcher) and Harold Bishop (Ian Smith) are also on the list in 8th and 9th place.

Surprisingly, Kylie Minogue’s iconic Girl Next character, Charlene Robinson, has landed in 10th place.

Legend: Other iconic characters like Paul Robinson and Susan Kennedy have landed in second and third places. The photo is Alan Feltscher, who plays Karl Kennedy (upper left), Ryan Maloney (upper right), Jackie Woodburn (lower left), and Stephen Dennis (lower right).

Ryan first made his debut at Neighbors on January 23, 1995 and has been a main cast member ever since.

Talk to Herald Sun In 2019 he said he hated the memorable mullets he played when he was young.

“I didn’t like that hair, but that’s the way I first got the job,” he said.

“I auditioned before, but they called and said,’Is your hair still the same?’ I said “yes” and they said “great, you have a job. Don’t cut”

“I didn’t like that hair!” In this week’s interview, neighbors star Ryan Maloney (pictured) secretly looks down on Bora, who made his character Jarrod “Toad” Rebecchi famous. Revealed

Hair Care: The actor eventually switched from his mullet to a spicy hairstyle.2000s in the photo

And the star, who now has short hair cuts, says he’s stuck looking much longer than he expected.

He told the paper: “I really wanted to cut it, but the producer let me hold it.

The actor has been on TV screens for over 25 years at Neighbors and most recently won a Logie Award in 2019.

He is still in the show and airs on 10 Peach.

The most popular Neighbors character in history

1. Jarrod’Toadfish’ Rebecchi (Ryan Moloney)

2. Paul Robinson (Stephan Dennis)

3. Susan Kennedy (Jackie Woodburne)

4. Kyle Cunning (Chris Milligan)

5. Roxy Willis (Zima Anderson)

6. Chloe Brennan (April Rhodes Penguilly)

7. Terese Willis (Rebekah Elmaloglow)

8. Karl Kennedy (Alan Fletcher)

9. Harold Bishop (Ian Smith)

10. Charlene Robinson (Kylie Minogue)


ALL TIME’s most popular Neighbors characters revealed

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