All Piers Morgan fans have the same complaints as having a rare face in a £ 4m home.

Piers Morgan fans had the same complaints after making a rare face in a £ 4m London home.

The Controversial journalist, 56, shocked his fans with a snap in his living room.


All Piers Morgan fans had the same complaints about one thing in his living room, did you find it?Credit: Instagram


Earrings rarely show off their home on social mediaCredits: Piers Morgan Twitter

Piers used Instagram to share photos with 1.8 million followers.

former GMB The presenter started the morning with scrambled eggs and truffles, watching the Andrew Marr Show on TV and The Assys on his laptop.

He also skimmed Sunday’s dissertation in his cozy front room.

Pierce captioned the post: “If Carlsberg had breakfast …”

However, many fans rushed to the comments section and questioned his choice of furniture on display.

One said, “The TV stand is shocking to the TV, but it’s perfect.”

Second post: “That TV stand needs to go.”

Third addition: “Juts noticed your 1990s TV unit.”

“Piercing, I don’t have that TV stand. It’s embarrassing,” the fourth chime.

Meanwhile, the fifth was impressed with his choice and said, “Keep it a reality on the Argos TV stand. A great choice pier 👌🏻”.

Pier Since 2009, I have lived with my wife Celia Walden and my 8-year-old daughter Elise Morgan in my Kensington Townhouse, which is listed in Grade II for 5 bedrooms.

A former Britain’s Got Talent judge bought real estate for £ 4m from his father-in-law, George Walden, a former Tory lawmaker.

Based on a beautiful tree-lined road, Pier Georgian homes have many nice features, such as French windows leading to private balconies that are perfect for outdoor dining.

He also owns a £ 700,000 pad and a £ 4.2 million Hollywood mansion in Sussex.

It will come later The pier “thrown” when he cried and hit the star exactly During the finale.

EastEnders actress last night Rose Eyring Ellis Chosen as the winner of the 19th series, I got the Glitterball Trophy.

But the earrings weren’t impressed.

He tweeted: “I tuned to #Strictly for the first time in a few years and everyone is crying because everyone is so perfect. I’m sorry, * I spit emoji.”

Only a few days before it was revealed, he still Fight against the long Covid Five months after the virus left him bedridden.

He had previously said that he was double-jabbed when he got sick and the results could have been worse if he had not been vaccinated.

After Sky News Technology correspondent Rowland Mantorpe, 39, tweeted about himself, Piers became open about his health problems.

Roland posts about his own long Covid battle: Question If you haven’t seen me lately, it’s because I have a long Covid’s nasty case. Count as 8 months :(. “

Pierce replied, “DM me … I’ve been the same for five months, but a new drug seems to be cracking it.”

In the summer, a month after getting sick, Pierce told his fans:

“I’m now seeing a strange ghostly spider web swimming. It’s a virus that really keeps giving.”

Posterior vitreous detachment (PVD) is the condition in which the vitreous separates from the retina behind the eye.

Pierce is convinced he was infected during the turmoil at Wembley Britain’s tragic defeat to Italy At the Euro 2020 final on July 11th.

As the number of cases continues to grow in the UK, Health Minister Sajid David warns: British could be hit by another miserable Christmas blockade..


The pier lives in a townhouse listed in Grade II with 5 bedroomsCredit: Doug Seeburg


Pier with wife CeliaCredit: Instagram
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All Piers Morgan fans have the same complaints as having a rare face in a £ 4m home.

Source link All Piers Morgan fans have the same complaints as having a rare face in a £ 4m home.

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