Alex Claire puts his faith in before touring with Adele and is committed to surviving and making a comeback in the “hellish” music industry.Ent & Arts News

He had no doubt when Alex Claire had to choose between his musical career and his faith.

Ten years ago, British singer-songwriters were at the pinnacle of mainstream success.He didn’t know that at the time, but one of his songs was becoming a global hit and he had the opportunity to play on what might have been a career-building tour. Adele..

However, some of the shows fell during an important Jewish holiday in Pesaha, or the Passover festival. For Claire, there was no doubt about playing.

Claire says his faith always came first.Photo: Shy Franco

His label Island Records was responding to this at the time, he told Sky News that they would avoid it and find other opportunities for him. However, in late 2011, when he was unable to play another show because he fell during the Sukkot holiday, he was given an ultimatum, saying, “It was the straw that broke the camel’s back.” rice field.

“Most of Judaism is very gray, not black and white,” says Claire. “Some areas are very flexible and some areas are not. If you know that there are no gray areas, you can easily say” this is not possible “, but that makes it even more difficult. For others, refusal is seen as warlike, aggressive, or lack of willingness to compromise. However, only so many areas can be compromised. “

An island spokesman told Sky News that he was “more angry than anyone” when he heard Claire and apologized directly to the singer. “What he said 10 years ago was wrong and does not represent our views or policies,” they said.

Eventually, Claire resigned after the release of her debut album, The Lateness Of The Hour, but resigned the following year in 2012 after the single Too Close returned to the charts against the backdrop of Microsoft’s advertising campaign. A worldwide hit.

Claire, who now lives in Jerusalem and makes music on his own terms a few years later, says he never wonders about the potential “sliding door” effect of his choices.

“I never think [turning down the Adele tour] Because my career really started right after that, “he says. So I had it all, so there is no “what if”. After making those sacrifices and commitments, it worked for all kinds. “

Still, that doesn’t mean Claire hasn’t been burned by his experience. “It’s a hellish industry,” he laughs. “In terms of mental and emotional well-being, it’s not the best industry to actually enter. That whimsical thing will be pretty unhealthy for the individual.”

However, the singer is optimistic and immediately points out positives for all the situations in which he finds himself.

He says he helped him over times when his faith was difficult. “The only thing that really gave me meaning and purpose throughout that period was my belief and my belief that what I was doing was very right for me,” he says. increase.

“But if you stand out, or if you’re leading another lifestyle, it’s not always acceptable-even by the most liberal people. It’s definitely very much on the first record deal with the island. It was challenging, they weren’t really, and the way the cards were dealt, you know, my personal choices and my religious beliefs are of music It didn’t seem to encourage a career. “

Alex Claire was filmed in December 2012 at Star 94 Jingle Jam in the Arena at the Gwinnet Center in Atlanta. Photos: Robb Cohen / RobbsPhotos / Invision / AP
A photo of a singer who played in December 2012 after Too Close was a big hit. Photos: Robb Cohen / RobbsPhotos / Invision / AP

But being a megastar was never the ultimate goal, he says. “I find it very difficult for people in the music industry to think that not all musicians want to be pop stars. I just want to play live and make music without the associated trinkets. I am thinking.

“I think they didn’t really understand it, and as you know, they prioritize profits over people. Like most businesses, they spend money at the end of the day. I’m there to make money. “

Claire decided in 2015 to move to Jerusalem to go to Yeshiva, a religious university. His research and his family (he is a father of three) have long been his focus while he is still writing music, including songs for other artists. Five years after his last album, “Tail Of Lions,” he has returned with his latest single, “Why Don’t Ya,” and plans to do more in the future.

He quickly dispels the myth that it was fascinating even in the early days, but he says the tour will be a very different event.

“I did a show in Los Angeles a few years ago, and the Guns N’Roses slash was there,” he says. “No one told me, but he had an after party for us because the tour manager had to go to another city on his way to Sacramento and had to get on the road. I was worried.

“The next thing I know is that on the way to Sacramento, I get a call like” Where are you? ” All I could say on the tour was, “Oh, that’s pretty cool.” But that didn’t happen. “

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Do you think the music industry has changed since his early days? “I don’t know. I think it has to change obviously in terms of PR and how they rotate it. Culturally? I honestly don’t know.” He laughs. “Well, after all, the music industry is a business, and what brings dollars to many of these record labels is probably really important. That’s okay. That’s right.

“Are people more forgiving and kind? No doubt on the surface. As the world, I think we have to do more internally. We say the wrong thing, I am very afraid to be perceived as doing the wrong thing.

“In reality, unless people consciously become good people, do the right thing, be more positive, do more positive things, and take more initiative to do the right thing, in reality. I don’t think it will change much, because it’s very external. For many, it’s how they are perceived, as opposed to what’s really happening in the inner world. Is it?

“So I hope it changes. There is still a long way to go, not just for the music industry, but for all of us. In general, I think it’s a long way to go.”

Alex Claire’s “Don’t Ya” has been released

Alex Claire puts his faith in before touring with Adele and is committed to surviving and making a comeback in the “hellish” music industry.Ent & Arts News

Source link Alex Claire puts his faith in before touring with Adele and is committed to surviving and making a comeback in the “hellish” music industry.Ent & Arts News

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