ALEX BRUMMER: FCA needs to act faster on Green Sill than Woodford

The city’s regulator, the Financial Conduct Authority, behaves in a mysterious way. For months, all our questions about conducting a survey of Greensil Capital (UK) and Greensil Capital Securities have been overwhelmed.

Mirabella Advisor, the “appointed representative” (AR), was the supervisor of Greensil Capital Securities and was told that was the end.

Now that the Treasury Special Committee is delaying the FCA’s stranglehold, it’s clear that it’s officially investigating both Greensill entities, and Mirabella is also considering it. It is also cooperating with overseas regulators.

Survey: The FCA has officially revealed that it is investigating both Greensill entities, as is Mirabella. It is also cooperating with overseas regulators.

Some of Greensill’s allegations have warned the Commons Panel that they are “essentially criminal.”

We hope that the FCA’s intervention reflects the determination that the new CEO of Nikhil Rathi, a refugee from the London Stock Exchange, will be more aggressive than his predecessor.

Rathi also suggests in his submission that the AR regime is inflated out of control.

Currently, there are 3,600 companies supporting 40,000 AR activities, which can cause harm.

The FCA, dating back to mid-2018, recognized the difficulty of a fund run by the Swiss GAM Group invested in Greensill supply chain assets.

Given that Greensill’s main operations are in London, it seems surprising that the FCA’s highest level or the Bank of England did not sound a warning about the dangers to the UK financial system.

Someone may have warned former Prime Minister David Cameron of an obvious crack. There are major policy questions that the Special Committee should address.

With regard to FCA, we can demand that the Green Sill survey be carried out more quickly than Neil Woodford’s detonation within the Fund Empire.

Protest vote

Even if Pascal Soriot is at AstraZeneca’s headquarters in Cambridge instead of Sydney, it is suspected that it will be difficult to change the course of opinion about the £ 15.4m payment package in 2020 and the more generous arrangement in 2021. There is no difference. ..

Nearly 40% of executive compensation denials, like Soliot himself, were as much as slapping the wrists of the compensation committee now led by Michelle De Mare. Changing the bonus target for the second year in a row didn’t look good.

If I had seen Astra in the round, it would have grown even more for the good faith of the company.

Executives and scientists working hard during the pandemic have contributed to the health of Britain and the world more than the governing wizards do in their stance.

As the board said in its response, total shareholder interests under Solio’s leadership were 300% in eight years and 77% in the last three years.

In the payment dispute, shareholders upheld Soliot’s decision to approve the £ 28 billion acquisition of US-based Alexion Pharmaceuticals.

The reality of Astra is that it was imperative to keep Solio in place after being absorbed in other work.

However, it would have been better for Solio to approach his house as Brussels was caught in eddy.


Just as Emma Walmsley and GlaxoSmithKline’s board of directors have doubled their defenses when Elliott Advisor sharpens attacks on pharmaceutical giants.

The London-based Gordon Singer and his companion, Mark Levine, have been treated by Senior City figures who only despise the intimidating approach.

The attack on Glaxo is in its infancy. Questions were raised about stock price delays, the speed of dissolution initiated by Walmsley, and her eligibility to run the drug sector.

Nevertheless, as Chief Scientific Officer at Hull Baron, Glaxo has set up one of the most respected names in pharmaceuticals and biotechnology.

Elliott’s heartfelt criticism is usually followed by a graceful letter that lays out the demands in an exciting way. If you’re lucky, you can save the day, like the Whitbread that Coca-Cola came up with to buy Costa.

At the real estate company Hamerson, there was a fire sale of assets, but no one was profitable.

The normal life cycle from drug discovery to market launch at a major pharmaceutical company is generally long and complex. Elliott’s brutal short-termism is not desired.

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ALEX BRUMMER: FCA needs to act faster on Green Sill than Woodford

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