Alessandra Ambrosio presents a model figure of a small mint bikini on the beach with Richard Lee in Brazil

Alessandra Ambrosio shows off a small mint bikini model figure when she goes to the beach with Richard Lee in Florianopolis, Brazil.


Alessandra Ambrosio rang in Florianopolis in the New Year. Brazil Richard Lee, alongside her beauty for almost a year.

The 40-year-old supermodel was portrayed returning to her favorite springboard with her new love and enjoying a beach day with friends on Sunday.

Alessandra showed off her famous appearance in a small mint bikini and sunbathing before taking part in a pickleball game.

Beach Bomb: Alessandra Ambrosio, 40, looked great when she went to the beach on Sunday in Florianopolis, Brazil, following the New Year.

Gal Florianopolis swimwear designers tried to model one of their designs while walking along the coastline in a strapless bikini.

The central peekaboo cutout showed cleavage and the small bottom accentuated her very tight backside.

Alessandra flashed her runway-appropriate legs and flat abdominal muscles all day, showing off her face without makeup or caramel locks on the beach.

Richard, her model beauty, glanced at her handsome opponent, showing off her abdomen in blue and red Harley’s swimming trunks.

Make a Splash: Alessandra showed off her wonderful appearance on the go

Lovebirds: Alessandra and her model boyfriend for almost a year, Richard, were portrayed enjoying the beach together.

Sharing is compassionate!At some point, the couple was seen sharing a delicious tropical cocktail.

Model Athlete: After a bit of downtime, Alessandra brought her talent to the beach court, where she and some friends played pickleball.

Games, sets, matches!She alerted her on the court and showed her competitiveness while jumping and hitting the ball.

The pair seemed to relax with some beach cocktails, and at some point Richard was seen giving his woman a love for the taste of his drink.

While they enjoyed a picturesque day by the sea, all the friends who looked fine joined.

The group posted on the beach and vibrated between water and sand before the pickleball friendly.

Alessandra slid the visor over her head when she alerted her on the court and showed her competitiveness.

Cheeky: Her little bottom allowed a minimal tan line and showed off her very toned backside

Her element: Brazilian beauty has a large social network in Florianopolis and was portrayed with a few friends

Outdoor activities: At some point, she and her friend saw her crossing what looked like a lagoon.

She was in Florianopolis around this time last year and enjoyed a few months stay with her children. Anja (13 years old) and Noah (9 years old) and her extended family.

Her ex-Nikolo Oddi was also with her for a while before things seemed confusing between the pair.

The model caused speculation that she and the designer were gone after a two-year date, as she rang without him last Christmas and New Year.

Before that, she and Richard seemed to be in touch while she was abroad, so they started sharing some frivolous exchanges via Instagram.

Working hard: Alessandra was tapped to host the HBO Max Brazilian competition show The Cut and showed off some fascinating looks from Sunday’s set.

Wild: Another striking set look included a gold leopard bustier with a flowing skirt.

And when they returned to Los Angeles, they went out on a date at Nobu in February, so they seemed to confirm that they were an item.

To commemorate 2022, both Richard and Alessandra posted a beloved beach shoot that they coordinated in pure white.

This trip was fun and an opportunity to meet her family, but she has also been enthusiastic about the Brazilian competition show The Cut.

Alessandra was used to host a series of HBO Max Brazil following the 12 best beauticians fighting for the winning title.

2022: Alessandra and Richard went out on a date at Nobu in February and continued to celebrate 2022 with their beloved selfie, so they seem to have confirmed that it’s an item.


Alessandra Ambrosio presents a model figure of a small mint bikini on the beach with Richard Lee in Brazil

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