Alan Kerr’s husband “pierces the skull” in a life-changing surgery

Allen Carr Her husband, Paul Drayton, is to undergo emergency surgery after a doctor discovers a potentially deadly blood clot in his brain.

Paul, 50, who has been married to 45-year-old Alain for four years, used social media to share the news that he had to make two holes in his skull to drain the blood clot.

Paul said of his next surgery: “I have a chronic subdural hematoma.

“They have to make two small holes to drain it. Hopefully in the next few days.”

He added that he would be offline “for a while” while recovering from surgery.

Paul also thanked the people for their wishes.

Alain’s husband Paul was told he had a chronic subdural hematoma

“Thank you for your message and love,” he wrote.

“I haven’t been here for a while, but I read all your messages because it gives me comfort and peace.”

Apparently Paul’s blood clot was discovered after he made an appointment with a doctor after he fell off the horse.

The accident made the 50-year-old feel “incorrect.”

Paul’s next surgery comes after being caught Drive his car while exceeding the legal drinking limit four times.

Paul Drayton must undergo emergency surgery after a doctor finds a blood clot in his brain
Paul Drayton must undergo emergency surgery after a doctor finds a blood clot in his brain

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The incident occurred in October and is said to have hit her mother with a baby carriage and turned into a police car.

Paul was later charged with driving 153 mcg of alcohol with 100 ml of breath against the 35 mcg statutory limit.

His recent court hearing took place on November 23, when the judge said Paul had “overwhelming potential.” The sentence behind the bar for his actions.

“It’s an absolute miracle to be here today,” said district judge Amanda Kelly.

“And you haven’t killed or hurt the general public.”

Paul will be sentenced this January.

Alan Carr's husband Paul Drayton was told he could do "Prison preparation" After a drunk driving crash
Alan Carr’s husband Paul Drayton was told that he may need to “prepare for prison” after a drunk driving accident.

Comedian after Paul “falls off the wagon” earlier this year Alain is he worked with his husband to help him.

Talk to SunThe weird man said: “While I was filming on location for the past few weeks, Paul fell off the wagon and started drinking again.

“When I got home from Wales, Paul was covered with heavy drinking wounds and bruises.

“We are now working together to get the help he needs to get better. This is our top priority right now.”

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Alan Kerr's husband "pierces the skull" in a life-changing surgery

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