Alan Carr separates from her husband Paul Drayton 13 years later

Allen Carr Husband Paul Drayton shared that he split 13 years later.

A 45-year-old comedian and his husband, a 46-year-old spokesperson, released news in a statement through PA News Agency, explaining that they had separated “friendly” after three years of marriage.

“I would like to announce that Alan Carr and Paul Drayton will be separated after 13 years of marriage and 3 years of marriage,” the statement said.

It continued: “They made the difficult decision to divorce jointly and amicably and go their separate path.

“We demand that their privacy be respected during this delicate period.”

Alan Carr split from her husband Paul Drayton

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Alain and Paul first met over 10 years ago Knotted in 2018, His best friend Adele is said to have paid.

At the time, a spokesperson described the excitement of the wedding as follows: “Last week at a small private ceremony in Los Angeles, Alanker married his long-term partner Paul Drayton.

“The couple are currently on their honeymoon in Mexico and are planning a major celebration back in the UK with all their family and friends at the end of this summer. They are both very happy.”

Alan Carr's husband Paul Drayton was told he could do "Prison preparation" After a drunk driving accident
Alain and Paul tied a knot in Los Angeles in 2018

August 2021, Alain Shared his support to Paul After recurrent alcoholism, he shared a shocking photo of himself with black eyes.

Talk to SunThe weird man said: “While I was filming on location for the past few weeks, Paul fell off the wagon and started drinking again.

“When I got home from Wales, Paul was covered with heavy drinking wounds and bruises.

Alain and Paul got married in 2018
Alain said last year that Paul “fallen from the wagon”

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“We are now working together to get the help he needs to get better. This is our top priority right now.”

In the 2020 Kelly Hoppen podcast, Alain said:

“He said,’Oh, should we get a bottle?'” No, I don’t have rosé wine, “I say.

Alain previously showed support for Paul for his alcoholism

“He’s very good and I’m very proud of him,” said a former Chattyman host.

“I like to eat and drink, but I used to be ridiculous. It was Monday, so I broke a bottle of rosé and opened it.

“We were out of control. It was a laugh, but seeing Paul, sometimes the party had to stop.”

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Alan Carr separates from her husband Paul Drayton 13 years later

Source link Alan Carr separates from her husband Paul Drayton 13 years later

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