AJ Pritchard wants his brother Curtis to “move” from a shared flat: “It’s my road or highway.”

AJ Pritchard Even his brother said it wouldn’t be long Curtis Pritchard You need to move from his flat.

Insight into their close ties all right! Working with William Hill, AJ, 27 to discuss what Star Curtis of Love Island is fighting with him, he added that the New Year may be the time for Curtis to pack his bag.

“By next year, he’s almost out of my apartment,” said former strictry star.

He goes on to tell us: Get out. “

AJ Pritchard wants brother Curtis to “move” from a shared apartment

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Brothers who share the same passion are now starring together in Cinderella’s Pantomime, but AJ shared that after finishing it in January, they would begin to stop “getting rid of hints.”

AJ jokingly said: “I gave a hint there. We handle pantomime and give a hint by January and it looks like this.” Oh, this is your move It’s a gift for a new home next week. “

“I have an advantage because it’s my flat and I pay all invoices on my way or on the highway.”

Nevertheless, AJ said he “loves” working with his brother.

Celebrities Attend London's Loki Premier-AJ & Curtis Pritchard 2
AJ states that he “began to drop hints” to encourage Curtis to leave.

He states: “I love working with Curtis, but sometimes it’s a hatred of love because we’re so different.

“I don’t know what he’s going to do when we’re pantomime together. Does he deliberately make fun of me or take me on the spot? But it’s a dream to be together on live stage or on TV. In addition, moms and dads are happy because they only have to come and see one great pantomime.

“I and Curtis are a little arguing about the simplest things, such as who used all the milk and who ate the other’s cereal.”

AJ and Curtis star in Cinderella
AJ and Curtis star in Cinderella

I’m a celebrity star AJ and his reality star brothers live together in a stylish London apartment.

AJ went to an apartment in London in 2018 and started dating his girlfriend Abby.

AJ said he will share the latest information on how his relationship with his stunning dancer girlfriend is progressing. all right! They said, “It’s better than ever.”

“Abby and I are stronger than ever. We’ve been together for two and a half years. I’m really happy to share a lot of great memories together.”

He continued: “We are planning for the future, booking next year’s vacation, and trying to make some plans in the last two years. I’m really in love and I’m really happy.”

Abbey, 24, Three persistent burns after a video hack She and AJ didn’t shoot well in January.

Abbey Quinnen attends Cinderella's screening with her boyfriend AJ Pritchard in London
Abbey Quinnen and AJ are “stronger than ever”

The dancer opens her recovery and says: “Abby is really doing. We are really open and talk about good or bad days.

“Physically, her recovery is incredible considering what happened. Mentally, we both experience a form of treatment and help each other.

“We are very happy and everything is great with Abby. I am happy to be able to live a life of gratitude every day without any hassle, work, work, holidays, etc.

“Recently we had a great spa day. I’m very happy and everything is going well.”

AJ Pritchard was talking OK!Magazine with William hill

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AJ Pritchard wants his brother Curtis to "move" from a shared flat: "It's my road or highway."

Source link AJ Pritchard wants his brother Curtis to "move" from a shared flat: "It's my road or highway."

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