AJ Pritchard admits to get engaged’not in his heart’:’I live happily at that moment’

Formerly strictly professional AJ PritchardThe 27-year-old now says, “Engagement is not in his heart.”

The dancer opened a relationship with Abbey Quinnen. The person he was with for two years, Admitted that they were “really happy” and shared that he was happy to “live in the moment”.

Speak exclusively understood! In combination with William hill, AJ explained as follows. “We are really happy. When it comes to engagement and marriage, I’m living happily at this moment, so I never even thought about it.

“Imagine being engaged. You can’t go on vacation because of the pandemic and everything is happening. It’s not a good engagement.”

Formerly strictly professional AJ Pritchard, 27, now says “engagement isn’t in his heart.”

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Abby, 24, suffered three burns after the video hack she and AJ were filming failed in January.

Opening her recovery, the dancer shared the good news understood! Abby has recently returned to the stage.

AJ states: Since the accident.

Abby and AJ are stronger than ever
Abby and AJ are stronger than ever

“It was a big step for her and it was very difficult mentally to get out there. I was there for her opening night, and she likes her back on stage It was very nice to see you doing that. “

AJ, The person who recently asked me to move to my brother CurtisShe plans to spend Christmas with Abby and her family in London after she blocksade with his family.

A 27-year-old woman said, “During the pandemic, she had to put up with my family, so I thought it was right to spend Christmas with her family. I’m excited.

Abbey Quinnen spends a
AJ admitted he wasn’t the best when it came to Christmas shopping

“Last year wasn’t the Christmas we all planned, so I feel like we’re finally immersed in the spirit of Christmas.

“I’m ready to eat too much chocolate and do nothing.”

AJ admitted to his girlfriend that he bought a present, but it’s not the best when it comes to Christmas shopping.

“I like to put something in my sales, but that means I’ll wait until January, so I’m told that. I’m working at Pantomime and saying I’m too busy, and that’s an excuse. Try it! It never goes down, well, “said the star.

AJ Pritchard was talking OK!Magazine with William hill

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AJ Pritchard admits to get engaged'not in his heart':'I live happily at that moment'

Source link AJ Pritchard admits to get engaged'not in his heart':'I live happily at that moment'

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