AJ Odudu “slammed” her in a dress accident and landed exactly at the bottom of the leaderboard.

AJ Odudu She says she’s “angry” at the dress accident she saw her and her dance partner Kai Waddington landing down Strictly come to dance Leaderboard on Saturday, November 13th.

AJ (33) and Kai (26) went to the dance floor this weekend to show off their pasodoble, but their performance did not reach the top score and they scored 28 points to judge. Craig Level Horwood He described it as “disappointed.”

The TV presenter later blamed the performance of her sparkling yellow dress skirt when she slipped during the dance.

Before the accident on Saturday night, the pair broke through the leaderboard more than once, and some think the couple can win the whole competition without having to face the dance at all yet.

Aj said he felt that Kai and her skirt had two dance partners

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AJ used Instagram to share a dance clip showing a star slipping on a dress.

She said according to their routine: “Oh! I! To be honest, it’s hard. It’s hard to dance with Kai, not to mention this skirt! There were two dance partners, but I love every moment and I wish everyone in the house did that too. “

Kai reflected the feelings of his partner and added, “I am too.”

She captioned the post to 171,000 followers and admitted that she was “stuck”, but the pair “continued”.

Aj Odudu shared the moment he wore a dress during a Saturday night performance

She writes: me! “

Fans immediately joined, voted for favorites, and went to the post to show support for the presenters.

Some say: “Queen I just voted 20 times, we won’t let you participate in the dance. (Fingers crossed the emoji) You were great as usual!”

Another pen: “I thought you were great! I didn’t even notice the slip, so doing it and continuing without revealing it shows how professional you are. I just love it and you have my 3 online votes and 2 phone votes #superfan. ”

Strictly Come Dancing contestant AJ Odudu and pro partner Kai Widlington beat the Strictly Leaderboard 39 points at last week’s show.

AJ and Kai were flying strictly high until this week’s dress accident

The third person wrote as follows. Over 200 phone and email votes. You didn’t deserve that position on the leaderboard. Or later! “

The pair has scored some impressive scores, scoring 39 out of 40 from the Charleston judges last week.

Judge Shirley Bassey gave Charleston 10 points, but said he wished he could be given higher points.

AJ Odudu "slammed" her in a dress accident and landed exactly at the bottom of the leaderboard.

Source link AJ Odudu "slammed" her in a dress accident and landed exactly at the bottom of the leaderboard.

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