Airship acquires Gummicube in a historic agreement

Mobile app company Airship has acquired Gummicube, the innovator of App Store Optimization (ASO).

By linking Gummicube’s ASO technology and experience with Airship’s App Experience Platform (AXP), brands can now maximize value across the entire mobile app lifecycle.

Gummicube has nearly doubled its revenue year-over-year, with nearly three-quarters of its total revenue coming from corporate brands, and expects to nearly double its staff in 2022 to support continued growth.

All 80 Gummicube employees joined Airship with co-founders Dave Bell and Anh Nguyen becoming vice presidents and co-general managers of Airship’s Gummicube division.

Airship will continue to innovate and invest in Gummicube’s solutions, providing customers with richer cross-platform data to better inform each stage of the mobile app journey, from the experiences offered to new app customers, to the information that drives the next wave of app growth. of the public.

Brett Caine, CEO and President of Airship, said, “Driving consumers to download an app is a critical first step, but keeping them engaged and maximizing value for everyone involved requires harnessing data to demonstrate respect and relevance of customers with experiences that reward them for their loyalty.

“Together, Gummicube and Airship enable marketers, product owners and developers to optimize the entire mobile app experience, from discovery to loyalty. This industry-first combination will lead to greater app success for brands and unlock tremendous value for our business. “

Dave Bell, CEO and co-founder of Gummicube, said, “Gummicube and Airship are both 100% dedicated to helping mobile apps succeed. Before today, brands had to find their own answers to the two most fundamental questions: one, how to attract and grow more quality users; and two, how to preserve them and increase the value for all involved.

“Now, our combination will bring more measurable value to customers than anyone else. This has never been done before! “

Airship acquires Gummicube in a historic agreement

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