Airports: Can’t even predict what has already happened


JANUARY not to everyone’s taste. We can say that it is not to anyone’s liking – we would fly differently if we could.

The fact that it’s increasingly becoming a better choice isn’t just due to tight budgets. While competitors squabble, it has sometimes seemed like the only airline with real planes in the air.

He’s never been shy about calling it like it is, and today he won another award for that result.

“They had one job,” CFO Neil Sorahan snapped when asked about the total failure of our airportsespecially Heathrowto cope with the surge in air demand travel now the covid restrictions are lifted.

It’s a smart thought, in short.

Did it take a genius to sense that demand for vacations abroad would recover after living at home for about two years?

Bosses at Heathrow and other parts of the air trade would like it to be.

In any case, people book holidays in advance, usually many months in advance.

So the airlines and airports, now in chaos, took our vacation money long before they realized they didn’t have the staff to get us there.

Not only could they not predict the future, but also what had already happened.

The value of Ryanair is that it is a constant insult to old-fashioned carriers.

He thinks they’re doing it wrong, and often points out exactly how.

It’s a brilliant business.

Airports: Can’t even predict what has already happened

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