After Windows update, what should you expect?

Let’s just get this: A Windows update does not usually remove software. It is designed to install the update, not to change software that is already in place on your system.

At least not updates supposed software removal. Since March, however, if you run the RDgateway brokerage service on Server 2022 (and that version only), the cumulative monthly updates have removed that service. This behavior is not normal; this is a bug.

As Microsoft notes in the Microsoft 365 Administration toolkit: “We have received reports that after installing KB5005575 or later updates to Windows Server 2022 Standard Edition, the role of Remote Desktop Connection Broker and support services could be unexpectedly removed. We have expedited an investigation and are working on a solution. Note: This issue does not affect the Windows Server 2022 Datacenter edition and other versions of Windows Server. ”

Microsoft is researching the issue and will eventually fix the bug.

The most important thing to remember is that this behavior is not normal.

Patches should not bother a user, either

If there is a third – party security product or application that keeps certain files locked during startup, the system will restart after an update using a temporary profile. This can be confusing. Instead of starting the blue screen of death, the system will only start to the point where you think Microsoft has removed applications. The signal: when the system hits a clean user profile you no longer have your customization.

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After Windows update, what should you expect?

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