“After trying to break the line over the chips,” Hugo Hammond of Love Island was “thrown out of the kebab shop.”

Love island Contestants Hugo Hammond He was reportedly kicked out of the kebab shop after a quarrel over chips.

A reality show star, 25, appeared to be defending a girl at a midnight food spot in Clapham after going out on Friday night, and was filmed during heightened tensions.

In the alleged brawl video, you can see Hugo approaching a man in an attempt to calm the restaurant.

During the incident, a takeaway tip box can be seen thrown by another girl.

The owner of Tora Kebab, opposite the popular nightclub Infernos in southern London, reportedly decided to escort everyone from a fast food restaurant at 4am.

Love Island stars are reportedly involved in a late-night disagreement at a kebab shop.

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Witnesses of the late-night incident said MailOnline: “A random man threw a tip at her as a joke. She overreacted, yelled at his face and threw food.”

MailOnline has also released a video of the alleged quarrel. Reality stars were reportedly able to return to the kebab shop and were seen ordering more chips.

understood! We are asking Hugo representatives for comment.

Hugo gained fame earlier this year when the first person with a disability appeared on Love Island.

He recently bravely shared his feelings about his disability, Opened about how it affected his time at the villa.

He said Metro: “Before I attended the show, it was very media that I was the first disabled islander.”

Hugo Hammond also sat on stage with the flame in front
Reality stars were seen relieving tension in Clapham on Saturday morning

Hugo further said: [know] That it can be mainstream, it doesn’t have to interfere with you in any scenario. “

As witnessed by viewers of the reunion show earlier this year, Love Islander hasn’t been a little nervous since he was in the villa.

Hugo Hammond filmed with Aaron Francis, Jamie Laing and Alex Maiton
Since gaining fame on Love Island, Hugo has made many celebrity companions.

For the host Laura Wittmore Asked Hugo about his romantic misfortune in the villa, his ex-love interest was not satisfied with his lack of reasoning.

At that time, he explained: “I don’t think it’s unfair, but in the opposite case, say one girl and four guys.

Reality Star added: “So it was a little intimidating, like,” What the hell is that, what is the situation? “

"After trying to break the line over the chips," Hugo Hammond of Love Island was "thrown out of the kebab shop."

Source link "After trying to break the line over the chips," Hugo Hammond of Love Island was "thrown out of the kebab shop."

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