After “stress affects her milk flow,” Lauren Goodger gives her baby daughter a solid of Larose.

Lauren GoodgerThe 35-year-old clarified why she started feeding her baby Larose with solids.

Take me to the gorgeous Mom of One Instagram Stories, The person who recently showed off her Christmas tree, I could see her hugging her sweet daughter when she shared with her 788,000 followers that “stress” had affected her.

“I’m a breastfeeding mother. She breastfeeds on demand, but when I talked to two midwives, the NHS and her private, she trusted me. I’ve been waiting for this as much as possible. I was there.

“I’ve been experiencing a lot of stress lately, my milk flow is low and she’s really hungry, so I thought about giving her less milk or giving her.

Lauren Goodger, 35, reveals why she started feeding her baby Larose with solids.

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“I clearly chose a healthy option and fed her. These products and foods are available from 4 months.

“I’m not feeding her a lot. I gave her a little crushed banana, a sugar rusk she absolutely loved, and an organic Ella’s kitchen pouch.

“Then make fresh food for her and grind it.”

Lauren explained, “I’ve been under a lot of stress lately.”
Little Larose could be seen in a pink outfit

Lauren could be seen sitting in a ponytail in a black T-shirt with her hair on and hugging her daughter in adorable pink.

The star showed off some of Ella’s kitchen pouches and admitted that she was “trying them.”

Lauren’s “stress” comes soon It was revealed that she and Larose’s dad Charles Drury were on different paths.

Lauren shared what she gave her luggage

According to sources close to Lauren, she called time for their relationship some time ago – and she was shocked by the timing of his remarks.

“Lauren and Charles split a few weeks ago,” our sources said. “They were no longer compatible. She’s really stressed because Larose is hospitalized with a serious illness. She announces a split while experiencing this really difficult time. I didn’t expect to do it. “

Our source added: “It took him a few weeks to do this. Why did he do this now?”

Charles Drury recently shared a new snap of his baby daughter Larose when she said she was giving him “strength” in the division of Lauren Goodger.

Taking Instagram Stories, builder Charles, 24, told his followers that he and Lauren “decided to take our different paths.”

He continued. “For our daughter, things have to remain polite. Lauren is a wonderful mom, so when it comes to Larose, both of us have her greatest concern sincerely, so she Will still meet both of us. We don’t need a drama here, so I hope people are busy and can stop putting in two pence. “

Lauren came shortly after revealing that her baby’s daughter had been hospitalized for three days with a potentially viral or infectious disease.

Lauren and Charles have recently taken different paths

She said Larose was currently “under treatment”, but admitted that it was the “most difficult” day of her life and she was suffering from sleep. The couple also appears to be co-parenting, as Lauren revealed in turn taking it to be with her child in the hospital.

“It was a very scary time for Lauren,” our sources said. “Her priority is Larose, ensuring she gets better and leaves the hospital as soon as possible.”

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After "stress affects her milk flow," Lauren Goodger gives her baby daughter a solid of Larose.

Source link After "stress affects her milk flow," Lauren Goodger gives her baby daughter a solid of Larose.

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