After Stacy Solomon welcomes her baby Rose, Nadia Sawalha “has never seen her mom happy.”

Nadia Sawalha Have a brand Stacy Solomon After her daughter Rose arrived, she was “happy and happy” and “I have never seen her mother happy.”

Stacy is the proud mother of three boys, Zachary (13 years old), Layton (9 years old) and Rex (2 years old), and had her eldest daughter on October 4. — — That is, she shares her birthday with Baby Rose.

Nadia has since spurted over Rose, The first person I met a few days after she was born, I talked to all right! How Stacy’s discovery is her fourth mother.

“I’m very excited about Rose. For the first 10 days, it’s so magical that I always go to see my baby the first time I land.”

Nadia Sawalha told baby Rose that her friend Stacy was “happy and happy.”

Nadia went on to say, “I’m hoping and praying” to see Rose next week because I don’t want to be “too big” at 6 weeks of age.

“She has already changed a lot,” Nadia said.

As for how her friend Stacy is doing, the TV personality said:

“It’s a great place to be in Stacey’s bedroom right away because I’ve never seen my mom happier, so it’s so girly, perfect, and lovely.”

Nadia went to Stacy's baby shower with Judy Love and Jane Moore
Nadia went to Stacy’s baby shower with Judy Love and Jane Moore

Apparently Stacy "In the 7th heaven" Since giving birth
Stacy is clearly in “Seventh Heaven” since giving birth

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Nadia shared a photo of her first encounter with a newborn on Instagram, describing Rose as “magical.”

With a picture of her holding a baby Loose female Co-host Jane Moore and her beloved mother Stacy, Nadia, wrote:

“There is no word to tell how magical Rose is. All parts of her are so small that I honestly hug her for days just staring at her little face. I think I was able to do it. “

“I was very happy to see Stacy and Joe literally full of love and wonder. Welcome to the world of Roses I feel like you have a ball !!!” Continued.

Stacy Solomon shares her smiling adorable daughter Rose for the first time
Stacy Solomon shared a smile for the first time with her adorable daughter Rose

On Tuesday, November 16th, Stacy recorded that moment. Baby Rose smiled at her for the first time.

Sharing a photo of a heartwarming moment, the four mothers wrote: Today, Rose showed her happy face for the first time, and that was all.

“The face we pulled and the sound we made, but she must have wondered,” What are these people? ” No wonder she was laughing. “

“Aw Rose, the best three minutes I’ve ever had. We promise you will work hard to make you smile like this forever,” continued the doting mother.

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After Stacy Solomon welcomes her baby Rose, Nadia Sawalha "has never seen her mom happy."

Source link After Stacy Solomon welcomes her baby Rose, Nadia Sawalha "has never seen her mom happy."

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