After a family rift, Goggles Box Page Devil “spends Christmas day alone”

previous Goggles box Star Page Devil told fans that he would be spending Christmas day alone for the first time this year.

25 year old Leaving Channel 4 show following family feud Earlier this year, let fans know in a post shared on Instagram that she remains “positive.”

Page also explained that he wanted his honesty to “help others in the same situation.”

She wrote on Instagram: “This year I spend Christmas day alone for many reasons.

“For the first time, I plan to be positive, eat, drink, listen to music, watch movies and be cheerful.”

Page is getting used to life without goggles boxes

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“If anyone is on the same ship, send me a message. Don’t feel lonely and take advantage of social media,” Page continued.

“Remember that God creates his strongest soldiers by giving them the toughest battles.

“Merry Christmas.”

Page left the goggles box in September After a fallout with her mother, Sally, who she appeared on the show for two years.

Page, who announced that he had decided to leave the program, said: , Their NTA winner. “

Channel 4 responded with the following statement: “The welfare of past and present contributors is paramount, and there is a robust protocol to support contributors before, during, and after joining the series.”

Page blamed on Twitter
Page and her mom appeared in Gogglebox for two years

Page later told Birmingham Live: Together, I wasn’t going to shoot with anyone else.

“Also, I was really shooting enough. I worked a long time running a recruiting business and all the shooting was overkill.”

She discussed the feud with her mother in a series of late-night tweets, Write in october: “: For the sake of clarity, anyone who thinks I fell with my mom in a goggle box, my” mom “would never want to talk again because of a serious family problem, not a TV show It’s a shame. “

Sally does not respond to her daughter’s claims.

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After a family rift, Goggles Box Page Devil "spends Christmas day alone"

Source link After a family rift, Goggles Box Page Devil "spends Christmas day alone"

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