Advantages of using LED displays for Advertising Purposes

Companies have many options for promoting thanks to the rapid advancement of LED technology and continuous improvement. While traditional advertising signs still have value, digital signage has made great prosperity so far. It is dynamic and more attention-drawing than traditional advertising signs and captures the attention of the people around. Experts predict that the digital out-of-home (DOOH) market will grow by more than 10% for the years to come. This is due in part to the quality and diversity of existing media as well as the many benefits of LED displays for advertising.

Are you curious about outdoor advertising? We will show you how LED displays can help you, indoors or outdoors.

What is an LED display?

It may be worthwhile to recall some ideas about LED displays before we get into the benefits of using them for advertising purposes. A LED display screen uses light-emitting diodes (LEDs) to achieve a high light intensity. It uses smaller-sized diodes than conventional LCD displays that use light tubes.

They stand out because of the energy-saving that they offer in comparison to traditional television monitors, their resistance to constant switching on/off, and their significantly longer life span. The downside was the high price of the first models, even though LED screens have been much cheaper since the last decade. This is undoubtedly one of the most important milestones in history for luminous advertising.

Because diodes operate by direct current electricity, they also include internal circuits that can be used to generate alternating currents. Despite being sensitive to high temperatures, LEDs can be very resistant because they include heat diffusers.

Structure of LED displays

LED displays can display more colors than just three primary colors. This is called MultiPrimary. It includes red, green, blue, and yellow (RGBY); red, green, blue, and white (RGBW), and red, green, blue, yellow, and cyan (RGBYC). These pixel components are known as sub-pixels and play an important role. The screen can reproduce the different colour variations required for the output of an image thanks to its array of illumination intensities.

LED displays can also have two types depending on the method of installation.

Let’s now look at the benefits of LED displays for advertising

.LED displays are more efficient, have higher performance and greater impact than traditional LCD displays

In order to reduce the thickness and improve their performance, manufacturers of  LED displays have replaced the light tubes in conventional LCD displays with diodes. This I one reason LED campaigns are able to make great advertising. Indoor LED displays can be placed on sideboards or in stores. Giant LED screens are ideal for outdoor advertising. They can be used to create eye-catching displays without compromising image quality or increasing power consumption.

For the best effect, the displays must be adaptable to the environment they will be placed in. Outdoor screens must be resistant against rain, atmospheric and environmental factors, such as thermal variations, dust pollution, and so on. Depending on where they are located, some form of vandalism protection is provided.

The long-lasting nature of LED displays is another advantage. They can be left on for extended periods. The operation time of LED displays is generally from the store’s opening to closing hours. However, they can be continuously emitting light 24 hours per day, depending on local regulations. This is one advantage of LEDs: they are extremely durable and do not lose image quality.

LED screens are resistant to temperature changes and produce more light while using less electricity. It is more eco-friendly and economical than other types of displays. These advertising screens can be used on average for 100,000 hours.

Also has greater control over the size of their displays by using diodes rather than light tubes. Displays can be increased in size without compromising quality and definition thanks to OLED (full LED) technology. We should also remind you that moving images attract more attention from passersby than traditional signage. It is also less practical when it comes to the production, placement, and replacement of signs, which only allow one message to be displayed.

It is also possible to perform third-party advertising. This will generate revenue that can be used to pay back the initial investment and return on investment (ROI).

Final words

It is important to mention(as a final advantage) that many companies offer self-assembling screens. This means a significantly lower price for transport and installation. The product can be assembled quickly and easily by anyone with some help. A LED display hire is an affordable and efficient option for people who need to occasionally use LED screens (e.g., to host a concert or other outdoor event).


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