Adele’s 30 will be the best-selling album in 2021 in just three days

Adele’s The long-awaited new album 30 has already broken the record and became America’s best-selling 2021 album in just three days.

The music was released earlier this week and has been well received, with fans wrapping songs from Easy on Me singers.

It also outperformed the rest of the UK’s top 40 and achieved incredible sales.

This figure is a combination of CD, download, record sales and streaming, with overall success with 575,000 album sales.

Adele provided great performances to celebrity friends and various guests

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Adele, 33, has overtaken former top seller Taylor Swift when he released the album “Evermore” in December 2020.

The track list includes beautiful sensations such as Willow and Marjorie, with sales of 462,000 copies this year.

The country’s superstars and pop sensations broke some of her own records when her track All Too Well (Taylor’s Version) became the longest song to reach number one in the United States.

Adele’s new album contains many tracks about a divorce from her ex-husband Simon Koneki, who she shares with her nine-year-old son Angelo.

Adele’s 30 albums surged to the top of the chart

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An Australian journalist reportedly admitted during an interview with Adele that she had “not heard” her album before a chat in London.

Australian publications The Daily Telegraph Adele claimed in an interview that he was “going away” and “offended,” but Seven Network host Matt Doran claimed that he wasn’t.

Talking to an Australian, he said: “When I sat down to interview Adele, I was completely unaware that a preview of her unreleased album was being emailed. ..

“Since then, I’ve discovered that it’s been sent as an” ecard “link, but somehow overlooked it when I landed in London. “

Adele finally came into the limelight after years of personal struggles with divorce.

journalist, He reportedly “suspended” his work on the network for two weeks.He went on to say it was an “oversight”, but he wasn’t intentionally trying to “snub” the musician.

“This is the most important email I’ve ever missed,” he said, claiming that “it wasn’t a storm.”

Matt claimed that the interview was actually extended from the original 20 minutes to 29 minutes, adding that he was “missing” from the show and “not officially interrupted.”

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Adele's 30 will be the best-selling album in 2021 in just three days

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