Adele shed tears during the recording of the music comeback after being surprised by the old teacher.

Adele shed tears during the recording of the music comeback – after she was surprised by her old teacher.

The singer cried while filming ITV’s An Audience With Adele, When she reunited with a woman who was teaching her at the Chestnut Grove School in Balham, South London.


Superstar Adele broke during the recording of her music comeback when surprised by her old teacherCredit: ITV


The audience said of the singer, “She quickly went on stage and shed tears.”Credit: ITV

Fans of the London Palladium show earlier this month talked about how the actress said Emma Thompson I asked the star who inspired her when she was young.

And after the singer opened up about the influence the teacher had on her in the eighth year, Emma with a smile revealed that she was actually in the audience.

One audience said:

“Adel was touching about her teacher being her inspiration when she was a teenager. When she realized she was actually in the audience, she immediately went on stage and went on stage. I shed tears. It was a big surprise that night. “

With his early ambitions to become a cardiac surgeon, Adele studied biology at Chestnut Grove before attending a 13-year-old Brit School.

She admitted in 2015 that her medical dreams had derailed after discovering “fun and boys.”

After her reunion, the audience talked about how Adele asked her fellow comedians. Allen Carr To entertain the crowd while she is fixing her makeup. And they said he was impressed with the comedy version of her Bob Dylan cover, which made you feel my love.

They say:

“He did a great job, he was very funny. At one point he sang Make You Feel My Love, but he made up his own words. It was cheerful.”

Includes guests from a star-studded comeback show (broadcast on ITV at 7:25 pm tonight) Stormzy, Mel B, Naomi Campbell When Gareth Southgate..

“Everyone is nauseating for her little bit”

And speaking on the red carpet, Alain described the atmosphere as “electrical” and laughed. “Everyone is spitting out a little Adele.”

Adele admitted that she “struck it” early in the evening and held a show in Hometown Glory before starting Hello.

And then she confessed: I haven’t been at home for a long time, and I haven’t had a show here for a long time. I’m very very nervous Of course I’m bloody.

“I’m a big fan of An Audience With. This was a highlight of my life whenever it was on. I’m very excited to do it tonight, very, very excited. “

Tompkins gets support from Beaver

Former busker Sam Tompkins caught the attention of pop superstar Justin Bieber.

The British singer was with Peach’s Star at LA Studio this week. So the pair headed together to come up with some new sounds.

Their collaboration comes when Sam’s inspiring single bloodline about Grandpa, who died last year, has gained a lot of support from radio stations.

Sam from Brighton said: He really got my music. In a recent Instagram live chat between the two, Justin told him: You bring so much joy to people and have already had such an impact. “

I would like to hear the duet of these two people.

Meg adds it to the party

MEGAN BARTON-HANSON doesn’t mind the chilly weather when you step into this miniskirt.

Islanders of love Participated in Gay Times Honors bash at Magazine London, but left a beauty James Rock To enjoy the party so she can hit the hay.


Megan Burton Hanson stepped into this miniskirt while at the Gay Times Honors Bash in Magazine London.Credit: Getty

At least she put her beauty to sleep.


Britney Spears Lady GagaLast night, manager Bobby Campbell said when she was overhauling the team.

Larry Rudolph, long-term manager of Pop Icon, resigned in July and is said to have been looking for a replacement.


Britney Spears is in talks with Lady Gaga’s manager looking for a replacement for long-term manager Larry Rudolph, who resigned in July.Credits: Getty Images-Getty

Britney She is planning a farewell tour with the best album, so she told Bobby about asking for his help.

One source said: “She has a lot of respect for the work relationship between Bobby and Lady Gaga. Britney thinks they might build a good team. It’s just getting started, but she feels it’s possible. The ideas being discussed include the best album with new bonus tracks and a live date that is considered her farewell tour. “

Manager Larry started working with Britney in the mid-1990s. Earlier this month, she regained control of her life and £ 45m of property after spending 13 years under court-ordered guardianship.

Let us hope that freedom brings a lot of success and happiness.

MAISIE cash-in

Former EastEndersMage Smith It is set to rake in thousands of people by proposing to promote your business online.

After playing Tiffany Butcher for 13 years last month, TV favorites who shot her last scene on the BBC Thorpe have charged companies £ 694 to shoot content for the celebrity video-sharing service Cameo. increase.


Maisie Smith of EastEnders charges companies £ 694 to shoot cameo contentCredit: Getty

In the introductory clip, Maisie states: I am your girl “

Strictly Star also offers fans the opportunity to buy greeting messages for £ 95 a pop.

Who is this week …

SNOG: actor Raff Law I wasn’t afraid to date an unrealistic star.

marriage: Rupert Grint, Who reunited Harry Potter on a video call while in the United States.

avoid: Robbing Jack Grealish – He seems to have enough on his plate.

Aresha’s attack

Gary Barlow clashes with fellow judges Alesha Dixon Beyond the contestants of the upcoming series Walk The Line.

After the waitress contestant performed her song at the talent show – there is a winning jackpot of £ 500,000 – Alisha I called her a “gimmick”.


Alesha Dixon clashes with Gary Barlow over contestants in the next series Walk the LineCredit: Getty

Terry Star said: “I think your songwriting still needs to be developed. It was a pretty song, but it has a bit of a gimmick, and looking at the acts so far, I don’t know if you can do your best to the end.”

However Gary Not impressed, he jumped into the defense of the athlete.

He states: “Remember that this is a golden time television. Don’t underestimate the confidence and courage needed to come here.”

A shocked female contestant said, “I feel like I have a career as a songwriter. There’s still a lot to offer.” With 500,000 people at stake, the nails It’s no surprise that it’s off.


Unimpressed, Gary jumped into the defense of the athlete, saying, “Remember this is a golden-time television.”Credit: Nick Obank

Maura’s major new career moves

Love Island Maura Higgins After leaving her reality TV agency, it can be revealed that she has signed a major international modeling contract set up to become a fashion star.

Irish Beauty has signed with London’s fashion powerhouse Elite Model Management and its sister agents, EWG Management in New York and Los Angeles.


Maura Higgins of Love Island has signed with Elite Model Management and EWG Management, a fashion powerhouse in London, New York and Los Angeles.Credit: Getty

Maura said: Working on TV with modeling has always been one of my greatest passions. “

An elite spokesman added, “I’m excited to sign Maura.”

The star, who made a name for himself on the ITV2 reality show in 2019, will make his debut with a catwalk spectator at the British Fashion Awards in London next week.

After a two-year roller coaster, including a romance with fellow Love Islander Chris Taylor When Curtis Pritchard, And strictly a dancer Giovanni Pernis, See what’s going on in this space.

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Adele shed tears during the recording of the music comeback after being surprised by the old teacher.

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