Adele says Rich Paul is “incredibly hearty” after his divorce from Simon Koneki

Grammy Award winning singer Adele She opens up her whirlwind romance with sports agent Rich Paul, 39, and describes it as “incredibly friendly and easiest.”

The two have been acquainted for several years after meeting each other’s friend’s birthday party, but have been dating since summer.

Rolling in the Deep singer, 33, talks about her new love interests Rolling stone And after reconnecting in June, they opened up on how their romance evolved.

She said, “I didn’t talk to too many friends at first because I wanted to keep it myself.”

Adele’s new album will be released next week

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Since she divorced Rich and her husband, the star was soon exposed to the first person.

Talking about their wonderful relationship, the pop star told Vogue: He is very funny.

“He’s very smart,” she added.

She told the publication about her reconnection with Lich, stating that “Lich has arrived incredibly” and that their relationship “has a positive impact on her well-being.”

She states: It’s the exact opposite. It’s wild. “

Hello singer Rumor has it that he will bring Rich to Britain this month to meet his family and friends...

Adele looked great while out with Lich and could see him wearing brown leather trousers with a matching blazer.
Adele and Lich have been dating since summer

This is Adele I found myself enjoying a date night with an agent, Someone who manages something like LeBron James.

The pair became friends with each other and were completely absorbed in the basketball game between the Golden State Warriors and the LA Lakers at Staples Center on Tuesday, October 19th.

Rich is from Cleveland, Ohio and currently lives in Los Angeles, California, USA. This is the same city as Adele.

Rich is a successful businessman and millionaire, but like Adele, he comes from a humble beginning.

Growing up in a one-bedroom apartment with his family, he was encouraged by his father, who ran a convenience store under the apartment, to get a good education.

Adele in a match between boyfriend and Lakers
Adele and Rick dated at the Lakers match

Adele and Simon Koneki got married in 2018, but divorced a year later
The divorce between Adele and Simon Koneki was confirmed in March 2021

Adele was previously married to charity entrepreneur and CEO Simon Koneki, 47, and to her eight-year-old son Angelo.

Just as Adele’s career began in earnest and led her to become a superstar, the pair began dating in 2011 and is said to have been married in 2016.

They divorced three years later in 2019, but the divorce was confirmed only in March 2021.

Prior to marrying Simon, Adele had many romance that influenced her first two studio albums 19 and 21.

Adele says Rich Paul is "incredibly hearty" after his divorce from Simon Koneki

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