Adele says post-split anxiety put her in bed “looking at the Sopranos for months.”

Adele After her divorce, they were open about her fight against depression and mental health, saying they left her bedbound.

Powerhouse’s 33-year-old singer is only a few days away from releasing her new album 30. She says this is based on her feelings during her divorce from her ex-husband Simon Koneki.

Adele now explained how she struggled to get out of bed and suffered physical and psychological problems during the collapse of her marriage.

Despite knowing that she “needs to stay busy,” the superstar has fallen into a cycle of depression. Gluten intolerance She also contributed to her depression and she was watching over the Sopranos.

Adele says depression and anxiety have left her “bedbound watching the Sopranos”

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she said Rolling stone Magazine: “Anything that can relieve anxiety, I threw myself first. Wherever there should be great energy.”

Travel played a major role in her recovery process and was Teetotalism for six months.

Adele stopped drinking to help get rid of her anxiety, also known as a hangover anxiety.

This kind of anxiety occurs after drinking a lot of alcohol. The pop star lifestyle is suitable for a liquor-rich environment.

Adele details overcoming her mental health battle prior to the release of her new album

Recalling the celebration of her 31st birthday in 2019, she said: I felt very hopeful. It was the first time I felt that I had a really nice night and it was okay to stay at home and sleep alone …

“I wasn’t excited, but I was looking forward to the next day.”

But the next day, anxiety began to creep in, and she was lying in bed looking at the Sopranos. “

She opened her heart further about her husband’s farewell to Simon and how it caused anxiety, adding that “I didn’t like who I was.”

Adele said: “I didn’t really know myself.” I thought I did. I don’t know if it’s because of Saturn’s return, or if I’m fine and really heading into my thirties, but I just didn’t like who I was.

“I didn’t really know myself. I thought I did, but I just didn’t like who I was.”

Adele says post-split anxiety put her in bed "looking at the Sopranos for months."

Source link Adele says post-split anxiety put her in bed "looking at the Sopranos for months."

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