Adele Concert Proposal-Who is the Engaged Couple?

At the one-night-only concert on November 14, ADELE helped bring symbolic suggestions to surprise the audience and viewers at home.

The highly advertised concert aired on CBS as a two-hour special, attracting thousands of viewers eager to see Adele promote her new album.


Ashley Mann and Quentin Branson were engaged at Adele’s one-night concert.Credits: Instagram / GraceFULL Vegan

What happened during the proposal?

A one-night special was held at the Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles, organized to be the perfect moment for a lucky female.

After playing some songs Adele He turned to the audience and explained that a man named Quentin Branson, 31, would have been with his girlfriend for seven years and would propose. on stage.

“I need everyone to be really quiet, are you okay? If you make a noise, I’ll kill you,” Adele warned before signaling the couple to come on stage.

Quentin was shocked when he removed the blindfold, leading Ashleyman, 33, who was blindfolded and was wearing noise-cancelling headphones on stage.

“Thank you for being so patient with me,” Quentin told Ashley. “I am very proud of you, that is, every day you blow my heart away.

“There is absolutely nothing you can’t do, and I know that one day you will be a great mother for our children.”

Ashley happily shouted “yes” after thanking Quentin for not feeding him. “I would have thrown it,” she said.

After a hug from Adele, the couple was sitting in the front row while Adele was serenading them in a song, you let me feel my love.

How was the proposal structured?

In an interview with CBS, Quentin and Ashley revealed that the show was recorded last month and that their engagement had to be kept secret, even from family and friends.

Prior to the one-night special, the decoy television company advertised a casting call for Adele fans looking for engagement.

He must submit a video in up to a minute to express why he believed he and Ashley were an absolutely perfect couple to be chosen and to explain their love for Adele’s music. It didn’t become.

Quentin said he received little information about where the proposal was made when he was elected and didn’t know where it was. Adele concert Until a few days ago.

“They didn’t give me a lot of information (because it would have made me more nervous),” Quentin told CBS.

“So I knew about Adele, that it was Adele, probably a few days before it happened.”

Ashley got a surprise in her life when she was proposed during Adele's concert


Ashley got a surprise in her life when she was proposed during Adele’s concertCredit: Getty

What did the couple say about the proposal?

Ashley told CBS that he was talking about going pumpkin hunting and thought Quentin was taking her to the hay on the night of the proposal.

But when she removed the blindfold, she said. Then I was like, “Are you alive? This may be a dream.”

“Then I saw Rizzo, Melissa McCarthy, and Kerry Washington. It’s definitely a dream. It’s definitely a dream.”

Quentin said he had been looking for a way to ask questions for a while, but when he saw the proposed casting call, the stars lined up.

“I … I felt this opportunity was made for us, so it certainly came from God,” he said.

“When it came across my table and saw it, I just knew that if I submitted to this, they would choose us … I don’t know Hmm, we have a lot to offer. “

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Adele Concert Proposal-Who is the Engaged Couple?

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