Additive Manufacturing Technologies Secures £ 2.5m for Mercia-led Series A Follow-on Investment – ​​UK Tech Investment News

The 3D printing company will become a global market leader after raising an additional £ 2.5 million.

A British company aiming to become a world leader in the 3D printing industry has raised an additional £ 2.5m after announcing partnerships with the world’s leading industry players.

Additive Manufacturing Technology (AMT) is where the equipment automates the final stages of the 3D manufacturing process. NPIF – Mercia Equity Finance, Managed by parts of the Mercia and Northern Powerhouse Investment Fund. Foresight Williams Technology; Government Future Fund. DSM Venturing, the global startup investment arm of Royal DSM. And individual investors.

In the latest round of funding, Shefield-based companies have raised more than £ 7 million to date. Following the recent success of AMT, which has agreed to a partnership with technology giant HP, it positions the technology as the preferred aftertreatment solution alongside HP’s various industrial 3D printers.

AMT’s PostPro technology is a fully automated surface finishing solution for 3D printed components. Currently, this cleaning and polishing process has to be done manually and can account for 30% of the cost of 3D printed parts. AMT’s technology not only reduces costs, but also has the potential to enable 3D printing for mass production across industries such as automotive, industrial, medical and sporting goods.

AMT, which doubled its revenue year-on-year in 2020, is based on technology founded by Joseph Crabtree in 2017 and developed at the University of Sheffield. We currently employ more than 80 staff at our headquarters in Sheffield, our manufacturing facility in Hungary, and our office in Texas.

AMT secured a £ 750,000 investment from NPIF in February 2019 and an additional £ 4.2 million later this year in a Series A funding round led by DSM Venturing and the Foresight Williams Technology EIS Fund. With the latest investments, you can continue your growth and product development plans.

Joseph Crabtree, CEO of AMT, said:

“Our mission is to be the world’s first application-centric provider of end-to-end industrialized automated aftertreatment systems. This latest investment is the potential of industrial laminates and their sustainable impact. Helps you get the most out of it. “

Mercia’s Nigel Owens said:

“AMT’s technology is accelerating the adoption of 3D printing in many industries and transforming the manufacturing industry. The company is becoming more and more powerful, and recent HP partnership agreements represent the highest level of technology acceptance. So it’s another big milestone. With this latest funding, AMT can take advantage of its success and continue to grow rapidly. “

Ken Cooper of the British Business Bank said:

“This investment shows how NPIF supports high-growth businesses in the north like AMT and frees additional capital from other investors. As the economy begins to recover, demand for equity finance is in the north. Expected to increase overall, we are pleased that NPIF can support more innovative and growing companies like AMT. “

The Northern Powerhouse Investment Fund Project is financially backed by the European Union, using funds from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) as part of the European Structural Investment Fund Growth Program 2014-2020 and the European Investment Bank. ..


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Through eight offices, 19 university partnerships, and an extensive personal network, Mercia has a strong regional footprint in the UK and provides access to high quality trading flows. Marcia owns approximately £ 800 million in assets under management and has invested more than £ 90.0 million in its entire direct investment portfolio since its IPO in December 2014.

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  • The British Business Bank publishes a Business Finance Guide (allied with ICAEW and 21 other business and finance organizations). This guide provides a fair view of the range of funding options available to businesses and provides links to support available at the local level.

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Additive Manufacturing Technologies Secures £ 2.5m for Mercia-led Series A Follow-on Investment – ​​UK Tech Investment News

Source link Additive Manufacturing Technologies Secures £ 2.5m for Mercia-led Series A Follow-on Investment – ​​UK Tech Investment News

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