Adam Peaty’s inevitable Tokyo Olympic gold makes the history of British swimming

Inevitability of Adam peaty.. In one of the best atmospheres in Tokyo to date, the 26-year-old is typically the compelling way to reach the men’s 100m chest stroke final to become the first British swimmer to defend the Olympic title. By winning and qualifying for the first time in the UK, he joined the fast-growing heritage. Olympic gold medal.

The rapidly advancing Dutch Arnocaminha won the silver medal, Italy’s Nicolo Martinengi won the bronze medal, and England’s James Wilby came in fifth. They tried to push him in, but Petty’s fate was inevitable. He took the lead after 50 meters and when he reached the previous turn it was virtually over – no one would pass him on a home stretch.

Petty hit the wall of the finish and began to look at the big screen with more hope than expected. His victory time of 57:37 seconds was a slight improvement in his heat and semi-final marks, but did not threaten his amazing world record of 56.88-his goal of lowering has been awaited so far. Must be.

To celebrate, he crushed the water with both fists, sat down on a rope, looked at the ceiling and closed his eyes. Part of his glory is the result of a wonderfully wacky body with highly stretched knee joints and ankles that can be propelled like a marine mammal. But most of the time, the time in the training pool and gym is hours, and the coach and teammates’ willingness to push his body to the limit is simply unmatched. All that work was worth it, all expectations were met, and relief was poured out.

He came out of the water, grinned wide for the camera and bent his muscles. If you really squint, you can almost understand it under his 6 percent body fat.When he posed, the song When I ruled the world The whole speaker became a boom.

“To be the best person of the day and the one who wants it more, we need an athlete,” Petty said. “That means the world to me. I thought I was ready, but in the morning final everything changed and I was thrown out the window.

“I felt pressure, but I had to hunt myself down. You can do whatever you want in your own pool, but when it comes to being here it’s not about time. I was racing myself. It was a race, not a time. “

There may be no fans roaring at him, but Petty arrived at the arena with lots of noise. Teammates of all nationalities packed on both sides to create bands of color and noise, and speakers sent out music to inject energy into the room.

He wrapped a towel around his shoulder and stared into the front. Just before he arrived at his station and thawed the outer layers, it took some time to exhale the air-filled breasts. I was as nervous as Petty had seen in the last three days. He stepped into his mark, paused, and responded to the buzzer earlier than anyone else, diving to the surface near the front.

The rest – well, everyone knew what was coming. It is rare to have such a certainty, and Britain should take good care of him. A26 There are many more, and there is at least one more Olympics. I think you’re already thinking about Paris 2024, the reaction to the start, and reaching the turn first. The rest is inevitable.

Adam Peaty’s inevitable Tokyo Olympic gold makes the history of British swimming

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