Activest (including Zeed) Secures £ 205,000 Pre-Seed Investment Led by SFC Capital – UK Technology Investment News

London, UK – May 5: Zeed, the first-ever investment platform using short-form video to empower Gen-Z investors in Europe, secured £ 205,000 in pre-seed funding led by SFC Capital, the UK’s most active seed stage investor . The London-based FinTech startup makes investing more accessible to Gen-Z by combining internal financial content with trade execution. The funding will be used to continue building the Zeed product, expand the team, and produce exclusive content.

Co-founders Salman Hussain and Rohan Regmi, graduates of Imperial College London and UCL respectively, have both worked within financial services themselves in commodity trading and private equity. While undergraduate, they created Finance-Focused, a community of over 5,000 members for early careers in the financial services industry. A survey conducted by Finance Focused showed that 87% of its members – the vast majority of whom are Generation Z – found that lack of access to information prevented them from making an investment and that short-format videos were the most engaging method. this is where Zeed comes in.

One in three Gen-Z individuals are learning their personal finance from TikTok and YouTube and are five times more likely to make an investment decision based on what they see on social media. Zeed aims to level the playing field with verified internal video content to break down financial concepts for retail investors to bolster their confidence when making investment decisions. Their mobile app, launched later this month, will allow users to watch educational video content on investment trends and general financial knowledge. In the near future, Zeed’s platform will also allow users to invest directly in UK and US stocks in a TikTok-style feed.

Salman Hussain, co-founder and CEO of Zeed, She said: “One of the biggest obstacles faced by Gen-Z investors is developing the knowledge and confidence to decide what to invest in. More and more investors want autonomy on how to invest their money, especially when it comes to topics like ESG and Impact Investing. Communicating these financial concepts clearly has become even more important. We produce TikTok-style short-form content to make that part of the journey simple and engaging by working with financial institutions and verified content creators. “

Rohan Regmi, co-founder and CFO of Zeed, commented: “We have heard the problem personally as Gen-Z investors and have seen our colleagues address the same problem across the community that we have built in Finance Focused. We also found that the Gen-Z population is the group most disadvantaged by traditional financial services firms globally, creating a huge opportunity for innovation in space. Our vision is to transform the journey first-time investors go through and drive sustainable wealth empowerment. “

Adam Bev, Investment Manager of SFC Capital, commented: “The new generations think differently and have different habits when it comes to learning and accessing information. Being able to customize products for new Gen Z users, and doing it as brilliantly as Zeed, is extremely important in future proofing. “


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Activest (including Zeed) Secures £ 205,000 Pre-Seed Investment Led by SFC Capital – UK Technology Investment News

Source link Activest (including Zeed) Secures £ 205,000 Pre-Seed Investment Led by SFC Capital – UK Technology Investment News

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