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ACE Money Transfer & Bank Alfalah: New chance to Win One – Crore Rupees for Overseas Pakistanis

The international remittance industry is blooming with overnight success due to its large customer base. People from all around the world send money to Pakistan online for their families and friends. As of now, there are many remittance service providers available worldwide. But if you are looking for the best money transfer solution- ACE Money Transfer stands out in the industry for delivering exceptional remittance services.

ACE Money Transfer & Bank Alfalah launched an exciting offer to win  One-Crore rupees for overseas Pakistanis. If you send money to Pakistan online via ACE Money Transfer & receive funds via Bank Alfalah in Pakistan. In the following article, you will find out about the additional benefits of collaboration between ACE & BAFL.

Send Money to Pakistan online via ACE Money Transfer

There are millions of overseas Pakistani expats sending remittances to Pakistan on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. How about if you can get a chance to win an extra delight on a money transfer? ACE Money Transfer & Bank Alfalah are introducing daily three cash prizes of 50,000 rupees for the lucky winners. So, what are you waiting for? Start sending money via ACE & BAFL and get an exclusive chance to win huge cash rewards.

Eligibility criteria for the ACE & BAFL offer?

ACE & BAFL focus on the convenience of their customers and therefore presents a      favorable eligibility criterion. The qualification period for the ultimate ACE & BAFL offer is valid until 31st December 2021. All the money transfers processed during the following period will be considered eligible to participate in the lucky draw.

The only condition that applies to the processing of money transfers is that they must be sent across the ACE channel & received via Bank Alfalah (cash pickup or bank account transfer). All the paid transactions will make their way through the lucky draw. The offer is non-transferable and is not available in conjunction with any additional promotional offers.

Lucky Draws of ACE & BAFL’s Offer 

The lucky draws of ACE & BAFL offer will take place every week, concluding the winners from the previous week. ACE Money Transfer will contact the lucky winners via email or direct call. However, the lucky draw for the grand bumper prize of ONE-Crore rupees will take place in January 2022. To protect the customers of ACE & BAFL from fraudulent groups, it is preferable to consider calls & emails from the only official network of ACE.

Cash Prize Distribution among Lucky Winners

The lucky winners will be able to receive cash prizes in the form of bank draft & cross cheque payments. Prize monies may also be credited directly into the bank account of the winner.

The prize distribution ceremonies will take place in the branches of Bank Alfalah. Only the beneficiaries receiving remittances via Bank Alfalah will be qualified for the luxurious winnings. In the case of a grand bumper prize, the remitter reserves the right to nominate any person to receive a bumper prize on their behalf. So, stop waiting & start making transactions with your loved ones via ACE. Signup on the official network of ACE Money Transfer today and grab the chance to win big.

Compliance and Taxation Policies of ACE & BAFL Offer

ACE Money Transfer & Bank Alfalah are highly reputable financial institutions, satisfying all the compliance policies under regulatory authorities. Therefore, all the taxations levied on the winnings are the sole responsibility of the winner. The ACE & BAFL are not liable for any taxations, because of winnings. In addition, the dates of the lucky draws can change at the discretion of ACE & BAFL. The company holds the right to use the winner’s information for any marketing, promotional, or business prospect.

Send money to Pakistan online today and stand with your loved ones in moments of happiness. ACE Money Transfer is always there to offer you the top of line remittance services whether it is about helping your friend from old school or supporting livelihood in your hometown. For more information about the cash reward offer and company’s services, feel free to visit official www.acemoneytransfer.com

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