According to the TSA, air travel reached post-COVID records, the highest since March 2020, with a 2.3m flight on Wednesday.

According to the Transportation Security Administration, air travel exceeds 2.3 million in post-COVID records. Thanksgiving Travelers flew on Wednesday-the highest number since March 2020.

According to the TSA, the agency has accurately screened 2,311,978 people at airports across the country and has been the busiest security checkpoint since the pandemic began last year. CNN Reported on Thursday.

This figure accounts for 88% of air traffic, or 2,624,250. This is the same period last year in 2019, coronavirus Pandemic.

This year’s air travel is more than double the number screened by TSA compared to the 1,070,967 leaflets the day before Thanksgiving last November.

Meanwhile, Wednesday proved to be the seventh consecutive day the agency screened more than 2 million air travelers, according to CNN.

Newark: On November 24th, a line of passengers is waiting to clear security at New Jersey Airport. Before COVID, 2.3 million people fly in the air on the busiest day of air travel in the United States.

Los Angeles: Passengers await security screening at LAX Terminal 6 as US air travel is finally approaching the level last seen before COVID devastated the country 2

Los Angeles: Travelers flock around the United check-in area in Terminal 6.Masks remain mandatory at all U.S. airports

Chicago: Passengers take a walk at Chicago’s O’Hare Airport ahead of the biggest travel weekend on the US calendar

Chicago: Waiting for a little boy to pass the security of O’Hare Airport as they and another 2.3 million people took off on Thanksgiving weekend

This table shows the last seven days of air travel in the United States. More than 2 million travelers are traveling alone in the sky.

David Pekoske, TSA’s seventh and current administrator, told the outlets that the agency is well prepared for the surge in pre-Thanksgiving travel this year.

“We looked at passenger numbers forecasts, worked with airlines and airports, and collectively are ready for Thanksgiving holidays,” he said. ‘

“Our goal is to be as safe, secure and enjoyable as possible.”

Passengers have been hit by widespread delays in recent months, forcing Southwest Airlines, Spirit Airlines and American Airlines to all cancel hundreds of flights.

There were concerns that the imminent vaccination mandate for airline staff could cause shortages and confusion, but there was a 1,064 delay nationwide so far on Thursday, with only 60 cancellations.

In the ongoing incidents of passenger explosions and acts of violence, often beyond the obligations of travel masks, the Justice Department said it plans to eventually curb such incidents.

To that effect, Attorney General Merrick Garland has instructed federal prosecutors to increase their focus on accusations against violent or unruly passengers.

CNN reports that the Federal Aviation Administration has received more than 5,300 unruly passengers and fined $ 1.6 million in more than 1,000 independent investigations.

However, a few aviation groups have questioned the Department of Justice’s ability to pursue criminal charges while seeking intervention from federal prosecutors.

Despite these complaints, the FAA has filed 37 proceedings with the Department of Justice, officials said.

In September, President Joe Biden announced a new policy to double the fines TSA agents can pay to unmasked passengers up to $ 3,000. “If you violate the rules, be prepared to pay,” he added.

Last month, reported on an anti-masker aboard United Airlines carried from a plane by police after he yelled at a flight attendant and threatened a fellow flyer when asked to wear a mask. bottom.

An unidentified passenger boarded a nasty tilade on a flight to Los Angeles and warned someone who tried to spread the situation, “I’ll break my neck!”

The anti-masker threatened to break the passenger’s neck after trying to intervene in the discussion between the passenger and the flight attendant.

Anti-maskers were seen screaming, threatening and yelling at flight attendants after being asked to hang up and wear the mask four times.

The incident was the latest in a series of verbal and physical assaults by passengers who refused to comply with Mask’s obligations.

In August, a JetBlue flight woman from Palm Beach to Hartford was arrested and wheelchair-ridden after refusing to comply with Mask’s obligations.

The incident, recorded by TikTok user Brooklyn DeGumbia, appears to have delayed the flight by three hours while fighting JetBlue staff and police officers.

Another woman in July also refused to wear a mask on an American Airlines flight from New Orleans to Dallas.

Passengers witnessed the woman screaming and throwing a tantram even after she was taken off the plane.

The woman was arrested for interfering with peace and simple assault after actively resisting the removal of the plane by staff and officers.

According to the TSA, air travel reached post-COVID records, the highest since March 2020, with a 2.3m flight on Wednesday.

Source link According to the TSA, air travel reached post-COVID records, the highest since March 2020, with a 2.3m flight on Wednesday.

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