According to experts, Kate is 40 years old and likes no makeup, Pringles, red wine and good TV.

In August, locals walking their dogs along the beaches of Norfolk barely glanced at a small sailing boat gliding offshore.

Those who were looking a little closer may have found a man and three young children showing a rope by an experienced female sailor.

However, this was off duty, so only a handful of dinghy tillers actually recognized the athletic brunette. Duchess of Cambridge Few people have seen her sloppy, windswept, and overflowing.

And during a happy week, she taught her family how to sail, so modest Kate was clearly among her elements.

“If you’ve ever wondered what it feels like Kate is away from the camera, that simple voyage perfectly summarizes it,” says royal expert Katie Nicole.

“It was her happiest and most natural Kate. I went out to the open sea with my husband and children, relaxed, carefree, hair flowed in the wind, and had a great time. That’s Kate. It’s like off duty. “

Experts say Kate is the happiest when playing with William and her children

Kate: Katie, author of The Future Queen, continues: She manages to rappel down cliffs, mountain bike, and even play tennis with Emma Raducanu.

“Still at home, relaxing in a closed room, she’s like a busy working mom. She’s the happiest in jeans and a casual sweater, her hair tied at the back, and little makeup.”

With the support of stylists and hairdressers, Kate helps her see the “Dukes” before the official event.

But like her deceased mother-in-law, Diana, the Welsh princess, she never hides her warm and natural personality with her charming designer outfits and strict royal protocols.

Duncan Larcombe, a royal expert, said:

“That’s why her personal passion and interests promoted her public affairs and influenced the sponsorship she hired.

“Of course, I don’t see Kate exactly the same as my husband, kids, and family, but my friends tell me she’s private and not so different. She’s nature, great outdoors, sports, and simple at home. A warm and caring mom who loves to have fun, and she is very sincere and always thinking about others. “

Outdoorsy Kate is
Outdoorsy Kate is “ordinary, a little tomboy,” her uncle says

Her uncle, Gary Goldsmith, agrees. He explains: “Kate was an ordinary tomboy. But at the same time, she always had values. She was kind and just a nice person.

“I think she’s very unique. She’s beautiful inside and out. And she knows about duty and putting others in front of her. Kate is the giver, not the taker.”

The family always came first for Kate, and when she and William first started dating, he fell shortly for the joy of the Middleton family weekend – long walks, pub brunch, of fire. Tea in front, and backgammon or trivia fiercely competitive game tracking.

Returning to St Andrews, Kate helped William improve his cooking skills, both of whom loved Indian takeaway and pizza.

They were also partial to the Pringles, eating tin one after another as Kate sipping her favorite nipples, red wine, watching their favorite movies and TV shows.

Kate had a nice voice and once sang in the church choir
Kate had a nice voice and once sang in the church choir

Kate plays so many sports that she didn’t have to worry about her appearance. Tennis is her greatest love, and when she played with the new US Open champion in September, she showed off an impressive forehand.

She also loves hockey, cricket, athletics and volleyball and was trained in 2007 with all the girls’ dragon boat crew.

As a kid, Kate learned to sail on a family holiday in the Lake District and spent part of her gap year in a round-the-world yacht race. She is currently a patron of the Sailing Charity 1851 Trust.

Kate was impressed with her skiing ability on her first vacation to Klosters in 2008. The two showed off their dance floor skills at a college party.

Kate has a nice voice and once sang in the church choir, but neither she nor William is a big fan of karaoke.

But it’s all new. Former Girls Aloud star Cheryl Tweedy said in her autobiography, “Kate confessed that she was dressed as me in her bodysuit and trousers on the night of her hen, Fight for This Love. I sang for this love. “

Duncan Larcombe says Cambridge's off-duty life is very normal
Duncan Larcombe says Cambridge’s off-duty life is very normal

She no longer plays the flute, but Kate is said to be looking forward to helping the kids learn to play the recorder. And she has already inspired them with her love of art and photography.

Kate studied art history at university, and her dissertation was entitled “Angel from Heaven: A Photographic Interpretation of Lewis Carroll’s Childhood.”

Her own camera skills have improved over the past few years, and her birthday portraits of children have been praised by experts.

They also gave the family more valuable time from the spotlight. Kate likes nothing but take George, Charlotte, and Louis to playgrounds, restaurants, cinemas, or local supermarkets and go unnoticed.

After the wedding, Kate often dropped in at the store without making a fuss while living in William and Anglesey. She once tried on a wetsuit at a local surf shop and decided to buy it, but found that she had forgotten her wallet.

“I’ll be back tomorrow,” she said, naming and asking the owner to book it for her. He only understood who “Mrs. Cambridge” was when the guardian returned with cash.

Duncan Larcombe says that Cambridge’s off-duty life is very normal thanks to Kate. “She is happiest when children make cakes and jams, have a terrible mess, and sit around a table to eat.

“But she and William also love to take them to the pub garden in search of burgers, where they are barely noticed. Kate prepares to enter royal life by living a normal life for her family. And we should all recognize it as a big achievement. “

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According to experts, Kate is 40 years old and likes no makeup, Pringles, red wine and good TV.

Source link According to experts, Kate is 40 years old and likes no makeup, Pringles, red wine and good TV.

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