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They changed their minds and now we are in the first line-after vowing to never reform, ABBA is back, and they are finally back on stage (of some sort).

Almost 40 years after they decided to take a break, the record-breaking pop icon has officially revived.

Annifrid, Agnetha, Benny and Bjorn have released their first studio album since the 1980s, revealing that they will return to stage as holograms.

The dedicated venue in East London has a show that promises a classic hit performance.

Rumors that the group had reunited enthusiastically when the tabloids reported that the group had been found at Ealing Studios in western London, where they were working on a new show.

And the rumors seemed to be true, and fans would be able to survive the Dancing Queen fantasy almost 40 years later.

The new album Voyage will be released on November 5th-a follow-up to The Visitors in 1984, the group’s final album.

Benny and Bjorn have revealed to Zoe Ball that there is also a new Christmas song on their new album, which was recorded at the former home studio in Stockholm.

The stage show, in which the group acts as a hologram, was created by a special effects company in George Lucas in a team of hundreds using motion capture and other techniques.

Holograms (or already dubbed Abbatars) who see the group at various stages of their career will join the stage with a 10-piece live band in a new arena in eastern London starting May next year. Construction has already started.

Asked why Ava chose London to host digital performances, Anderson said: Years and years. There is a large audience traveling here for that reason. It was easy. “

Bjorn Urbaeus added, “I’ve always felt that the British consider us to be theirs.”

ABBA also premiered a new track, I Still Have Faith In You, on their new album.

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In a letter to the fans, the group wrote: It has never been done before.

“I don’t know what made me (Benny) most happy with this project. If it was involved in making a concert with everyone or returning to the studio again 40 years later. Frida and Agnesa I think I heard him sing. It’s hard to beat again.

“The first session of 2018 was a lot of fun. When Benny called and asked if (Annifrid) would consider singing a little more, I jumped at it!

“And what song !! My respect and love is directed at these very talented, really genius songwriters! I was very happy to work with the group again. I’m very happy with what I made, and I sincerely hope that our fans will feel the same.

“When I got back to the studio, I didn’t know what to expect … but Benny’s recording studio was a very friendly and safe environment and I really enjoyed it before I realized it! I can’t believe it at last. The moment to share with the world has come! “

“They are the two great singers. I (Bjorn) was completely laid back on how they delivered those songs.

“They are true musicians. I’m not at all impressed with the appeal of pop stars, but I’m spending some creative time in the recording studio. The Voyage project gives us new life in one or more ways. I blew it. “

“So, thank you for waiting again! I hope to see you at the ABBA Arena. Yes, yes, because I put a lot of soul into Avatar. It’s no exaggeration to say I’m back.”

ABBA Voyage: Swedish Pop Legend Announces New Album and Hologram Stage Show | Ent & Arts News

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