Aardman chooses Uvisan to ensure that the show continues-

UV-C technology is Aardman’s latest Shaun the Sheep production, sterilizing delicate dolls, props and rigging kits.

Aardman, a four-time Oscar-winning animation studio behind Wallace and Gromit, Shaun the Sheep, Creature Comfort, and Chicken Run, chose a UV-C specialist. UvisanTo ensure that production of the latest blockbuster continues during the pandemic.

With Uvisan’s UV-C technology, Aardman works in a much more efficient and effective way with delicate dolls, props and rigging kits while working under Covid-19’s limits on the production of the latest Shaun the Sheep. I was able to sterilize it.

To ensure staff safety, the Aardman team carried out a lengthy disinfection procedure that included wiping and cleaning chemicals. The new procedure is now unsustainable and overly time consuming, alongside the studio shoot schedule. By using Uvisan’s UV-C cabinets, the studio was able to streamline this process and reduce waste without damaging the model or equipment.

Uvisan’s sanitary cabinets kill up to 99.99% of bacteria in a 5-minute cycle, reducing the chance of having to shut down production while keeping studio workers safe during an ongoing pandemic.

Lloyd Price, responsible for Aardman’s animation and rigging, said: “In the last production, the rigging team had to spend 10% of the 40 hours of work on disinfecting the equipment. Hundreds of small parts had to be manually cleaned, which is very time consuming. This had a noticeable cost impact on the show. Continuous wet cleaning also caused surface rust on some steel products that were not ideal for shooting.

“Before bringing in the UV-C cabinet, either manually clean everything with alcohol and wipes, or place the item on a” contaminated “table and leave what comes out of the shooting set for 72 hours. I had to complete the kit. Aseptic because it is not handled. However, the demand for dolls, props, and rigging kits often required cleaning the kits rather than shutting them down for 72 hours, damaging delicate parts.

“Using Uvisan’s UV-C sterilization unit in both the rigging and doll departments has a significant speed advantage as the unit sterilization cycle is only 5 minutes. It can also be washed with a damp solution. Items such as doll costumes that weren’t there can now be quickly sterilized without damaging the material.

“Overall, the Uvisan UV-C cabinet is a great solution!”

David Marks, Chairman Uvisan,Said: “The additional disinfection process had a clear negative impact on the studio and its imaging process. Our UV-C cabinets not only help reduce sterilization time and protect equipment, but also in many studios, schools and businesses. Helped reduce disinfection costs and most of the waste sent to landfills.

“Collaboration with Aardman is also a great opportunity to show how our equipment can be used in a wide range of fields. We keep the camera rotating and are very much loved by screens around the world. I’m excited to play a small role in delivering the show. “

Aardman chooses Uvisan to ensure that the show continues-

Source link Aardman chooses Uvisan to ensure that the show continues-

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