A turbulent era of Westlife in the limelight, including bankruptcy and Brian’s shocking exit

Shane Filan, Markus Feehily, Kian Egan, And Nicky Byrne, and Brian McFadden Over the last 20 years, it has become a popular name in the music industry. The group has dozens of awards, 36 number one albums around the world, and 12 world tours, but things aren’t always going well for the quintet.

Westlife Formed in Ireland in 1998, it remained a five-member band until Brian McFadden announced his departure from the group in 2004.

However, Shane, Mark, Kian and Nicky remained in the band and stayed together until 2012. After that, the four reunited six years later without leading Brian.

More has happened in the lives of Westlife members over the last 21 years, but don’t be afraid. all right! Created a roundup to fill you ahead of the 2022 UK tour …

Westlife was originally a five-member band from Brian McFadden

Brian McFadden

Shortly after leaving the band in 2004, Brian married a fellow singer and former Atomic Kitten band member. Kerry Katona It broke down.One of the reasons Brian left the band was with Kelly and her two daughters, Molly. Lily.

He then pursued a solo career and began dating Delta Goodrem before moving to Australia.

The duo then got engaged in 2007 and in 2011 went another way down the aisle.

During his stay in Australia, Blaine made a name for himself as a judge for Australian catgut talent.

Kelly and Brian's marriage ended shortly after he left Westlife
Kelly and Brian’s marriage ended shortly after he left Westlife

Brian McFadden and Daniel Baby Ribir
Brian has since welcomed Baby Ruby with his fiancé Daniel Parkinson in May 2021.

However, Brain did not give up on love and after a whirlwind with her, married Irish model Vogue Williams. Their marriage ended sadly after the divorce ended in 2017.

Why he didn’t attend the group’s 2018 reunion-Brian argues The remaining four members of Westlife are snubbing Despite being offered millions of pounds, he.

“I was offered a big deal of millions of pounds. It was the other Westlife boys who said” no. ” They don’t want me back, “he told the Irish sun at the time.

“How does it make me feel? It upsets me quite a bit because I didn’t realize they still had those feelings towards me.”

Brian is now beloved by fiancee Daniel Parkinson and was greeted with his first child, Baby Ruby, in May 2021.

Shane Filan

Prior to joining Westlife, Shane studied business and accounting, and later decided to make good use of his education and build his own property empire.

Sadly, his business was shut down in 2012 and had to declare bankruptcy after being left with a debt of £ 18 million.

He owned a business named Shafin Developments with his brother Finbar and had a loan to build 90 homes, elderly homes and supermarkets in Dromahair, Leitrim.

Shane declared bankruptcy in 2012
Shane declared bankruptcy in 2012

However, only half of the properties were built, and the properties built were sold at a much lower price than the construction cost.

Talk to mirror At the time, Shane said, “I’ve been working hard for a long time to reduce my debt, but I’m overwhelmed by the fact that I’ve come to this conclusion.”

Shane is sad In recent years, I lost my parents. His mother, May, died in 2019, and his father died just 10 months later.

Markus feehily

mark Welcoming his first child in 2019 With his fiancé Kyleen O’Neill-a baby girl named Leila.

Marcus is about to start his UK tour mirror About how he is Alongside his music career, he deals with paternity.

He states: “I’m doing my best to balance all new music with parenting.

Markus Feehily has a 2-year-old daughter and his fiancée
Markus Feehily has a 2-year-old daughter and his fiancée

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“The best thing is that Leila loves music and singing, so she will definitely come to the gig to see Dad do him.”

Marcus appeared as gay in 2005 and was engaged to Kyleen in February 2019.

Nicky Byrne

Before Westlife, Nicky A professional soccer player, he signed with Leeds United in 1995.

He played for the team for two years until the deal was signed, after which he auditioned for Westlife. This spiraled his career in a completely different direction.

Nicky’s life was fairly stable for many years after he married his wife, Georgina Ahan, in 2003, but a tragedy broke out in 2009 after his father suddenly died of a heart attack.

Nicky married Georgina Ahan in 2003
Nicky married Georgina Ahan in 2003

Nicky told Brian Dowling in a podcast that his death would be him in 2020 when his father died more than 10 years ago. He states: It never disappears and life changes forever.

“It’s a little easier to work with.”

In the years after his dad’s death, Nicky parked in a BBC park. Please come to dance strictly.

Kian Egan

Like his bandmate, Kian went on TV and proved to be the king of the jungle in 2013 after winning the championship. I am a celebrity

Kian and his Hollyoaks The actress’s wife, Jodi Albert, melted the hearts of the people after their very emotional reunion when Kian left the jungle.

2013 Celebrity Jungle Kian
2013 Celebrity Jungle Kian

Before heading to the camp, Kian lost his father to cancer in 2010. He was ill and could not attend Kian and Jody’s wedding in Barbados.

Five years later, Jody lost her mother to cancer while pregnant with her husband’s son, Geeky.

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A turbulent era of Westlife in the limelight, including bankruptcy and Brian's shocking exit

Source link A turbulent era of Westlife in the limelight, including bankruptcy and Brian's shocking exit

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