A smart way to get widgets into Chrome OS

several weeks, Chrome OS Get so many new features and actually Drowning in possibilities.. And living people have an unprecedented sense of fun (even figuratively lacking oxygen).

Part of the Chrome OS experience I have not However, the desktop environment has changed significantly in recent years. A very modest home screen for Chromebooks. Sure, the taskbar area (aka Chrome OS Shelf) has learned some new tricks over time, but the desktop itself has remained awkwardly blank since its inception and lacks advanced features.

This is in stark contrast to Android, where the home screen is a generic panel for both app shortcuts and interactive widgets.Especially widgets may be made Very important information Out of the box, they will be useful for even numbers as well More Productivity-focused Chrome OS setup.

However, despite all the wishes and summons of the magical virtual genie spirit, Google has not yet given us the ability to place widgets on the Chromebook desktop. (That’s amazing, I know. I’m starting to wonder if my magical power is as powerful as I was guided to believe.) You can install Chromebook Android appOf course, is it a widget? No. Fuhgedd about it. Horatio that doesn’t happen.

Or you would think so. Google may not currently officially support Android widgets on Chrome OS, but with a little creative tweaking, you can create custom panels filled with the widgets you need and make them available to all. can do. anywhere On the Chromebook system. This is basically a custom Chrome OS productivity dashboard that takes 4 minutes to set up.

Have a look at this. This is the Chrome OS Widgets panel with widgets that display your Gmail inbox, Google Calendar monthly view, Todoist task list, and Google Keep memo collection.

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A smart way to get widgets into Chrome OS

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