A shortage of nurses kills people in pain, charities warn

People are dying at home without proper nursing assistance, or Pain relief Due to a shortage of staff, according to a charity at the end of life Marie Curie..

1 in 3 nurseIn response to charitable and nursing standards surveys, staff shortages are a major challenge in providing quality care to dying people.

More than half of the nurses said they felt that standard treatment had deteriorated during the coronavirus pandemic.

Approximately 548 nursing staff completed the survey in September across the UK’s acute phase and community settings.

They have expressed concern about the increasing number of people dying at home and the lack of community nurses to support these people and their families.

According to data analysis by the National Bureau of Statistics (ONS), there have been more than 74,005 over-deaths in private homes in England and Wales since the outbreak of the pandemic.

Only 12% of these were deaths from the coronavirus.

Excessive mortality is the number of deaths above the average for the corresponding period of the 2015-19 non-pandemic year.

One nurse who responded to the survey said: [people] Dying at home puts a lot of pressure on the local nursing team, who are still struggling to staff. “

Julie Pierce, Chief Nurse and Executive Director of Quality and Care Services at Marie Curie, said:

“More people are dying at home and there is no staff there to support this shift.

“The data show the hidden crises in closed rooms and those who die without relieving pain or gaining the dignity they deserve.

“As a charity, we urge MPs to support a call to amend the Health Care Bill to create legal obligations to outsource palliative care services across the UK.”

The study also suggests that healthcare professionals have grown confident in initiating conversations about end-of-life care needs with patients and their families. This is what Pierce called “promising.”

Flavia Munn, editor of Nursing Standard, said:

“The pandemic has highlighted many of the most difficult decisions nurses face when it comes to end-of-life care. Choosing which patients to prioritize is one of the tragic examples.

“It is of utmost importance to be able to make people comfortable and reduce the burden on their loved ones in the last few days and hours.

“Ministers need to pay attention to the human impact of chronic shortages of nursing staff on patients, families, and the profession itself.”

A shortage of nurses kills people in pain, charities warn

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